Dominate Search Engine Results with these SEO Tips

The Age of Self-Publishing 

Almost everybody has a blog nowadays. People are writing about every topic under the sun and the web is flooded with an overdose of content. Unlike the olden days, we do not need editors to approve our writings and nor do we need publishers to make it visible to the world. This ability to self-publish without any investment has allowed a lot of people to try their hands in writing. But still only a small fraction of these publications are actually readable and an even smaller proportion actually contains any valuable information with commercial prospects.
Monetizing a Blog: The Ultimate Conundrum 

People read success stories of a few bloggers and dream of earning through blogging. But in fact very few people can actually succeed in doing so.

The main reasons for this can be the following,

• Most people just write the blog but do not spend enough time promoting the same. Only putting up advertising banners will also not help if you do not have enough traffic.

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Not everyone is technology savvy and hence even if they are good writers, they fail to understand the intricacies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media and various other aspects of online marketing required to succeed in this field.

Most of the bloggers do not have the time and resources to create enough content. Not only the blog needs content on a regular basis but you must produce extra content for link building purposes.

Few SEO tips for aspiring Bloggers

The issues mentioned above may look daunting but actually it should not deter anyone from blogging because it is possible to counter most of them through a little bit of strategic planning. To start with, one can follow the following three steps to improve SEO and publicize the blogs;

• Conduct some keyword research using free tools such as Google Keyword Planner. Get a list of relevant keywords that you must use in the content you write. But there is a catch. There are some very popular keywords, but competition is very high for them and hence a new blog is almost unlikely to make it to the top of search rankings. On the other hand, there are some unpopular keywords in which you can achieve top ranking but that is of no use as nobody is searching for them. So, the trick for beginners is to target moderately popular keywords with moderate competition

• While building link, please avoid shady services and link farms. Google nowadays penalize such websites as they create spam links and affect the quality search results. You do not have to build hundreds of links. Just build some good links from reputed websites through guest posting, commenting and other such genuine methods.

Through Social Media Marketing

Use social media wisely. Do not limit yourself to sharing the posts on your Facebook wall only. Integrate social buttons in the websites to make them easy to share, claim Google Authorship and build fan pages or accounts for the blog in every social network.

By posting content that is Humorous

This will help in getting your website a lot of organic traffic. We all love to see humor. And when a unique picture or a video that has a humorous element (with relevance to your domain of course), it goes viral, thereby bringing in a lot of traffic to your website.
– Click a picture or video that is humorous
– Post it on the blog page or the website page with an apt funny title
– When people visiting your site pick it up, it will bring in a lot more traffic by going viral.

By involving community participation

Community participation is considered one of the prime genuine ways to build back links. You can encourage community participation in the following ways
– Garner a reputation for being a knowledgeable person
– Keep expanding your knowledge on your field of interest
– Without spamming other blogs, help people in solving their issues with feasible solutions
– Try providing unique solutions that will make people to reach you whenever they need help

These above steps could help in bringing in a lot of organic backlinks to your website.
-Original Research Attracts Genuine Organic Google Backlinks. Follow this best Keyword research tips to make your website SEO better.

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