Facebook Lifestage

Facebook just launched a new social networking application called “Lifestage” primarily focused on teens. To be simple, Lifestage is an app for high-schoolers who wants to know more about their classmates. Even though anyone can download Lifestage, users who were 22 and older will only be able to see their profiles. And also a quick swipe lets you block or report people. This way Lifestage limits any inappropriate creeps.


Lifestage ask for your happy face, sad face, likes, dislikes and best friend as a quiz. But instead of filling the answers in a boring old way, you will shoot video clips. Lifestage then turns those clips into a video profile of yours.  Lifestage is currently available only as an iOS app. It is also likely that an Android version will roll out soon.Lifestage was built by Facebook’s 19-year-old product prodigy Michael Sayman.  Micheal Sayman is an app developer who was offered an internship after meeting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the company’s annual conference. Learn more about Micheal Sayman.