If you are a fan of Facebook, then watch the above video. No kidding but after watching the video, I’m damn sure that you will hate Facebook as much as you like it. Facebook is like the heaven for spammers. No matter how popular you are If you use Facebook ads to increase likes and engagement of your Page, then you are getting dumped for sure. Certainly the page like will increase at a level of 100%, but the engagement will decrease to half than before.  All you get is fake likes from spammers of developing countries like India, Bangladesh, Egypt etc..;

In the above video, Derek Muller of the famous YouTube Channel Veritasium explains how exactly Facebook is earning revenue by cheating..!  Veritasium is  a very popular scientific YouTube channel. If you haven’t subscribe to it already, then i suggest you to do it now itself.

facebook fraud meme

Well atleast we are happy that we’ve never used those Facebook ad campaigns.

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