Enguru-Learn English Online.


English is the world’s language. If you are fluent in English, you can survive in most parts of the world. Considering the fact that more than 55% of Indians are illiterates in English, there is a huge requirement for an intuitive, easy to learn from source to teach people English.

Now what we have here is an app called Enguru which helps people who are new to English.

It is a free, story based English learning app designed by renowned experts to help teach conversational English. The app is adaptive to a learner’s speed and responses. You start your career in a shop and progress through by interacting with customers, colleagues and your boss. There are a variety of conversations and exercises to teach people English quickly. It is both fun and educational.

There is also multiplayer and a leaderboard where you can see how you are doing compared with friends, and challenge them as well.

No ads. No in app purchases. The app is absolutely free.

A brief highlight of the app-

  • Game format. Choose your character, earn points and race against the clock as you progress through your career!
  • Realistic conversations with customers, colleagues and managers. You choose what to say – they respond. It’s adaptive and hence different every time. You learn every time.
  • Training sessions that help you improve your skills and language scattered between your dialogues.
  • Critical skills activities including appraisals, interviews, emails and meetings.
  • Completely interactive with quizzes, games and conversations designed to improve how you speak immediately!


Why Enguru?

  •  Offline – once you download it, you are ready to start your journey to success!
  •  Adaptive – enguru adapts to YOU, ensuring that you get the very best in learning!
  • Social – earn and redeem coins and see how your friends are doing!
  • Realistic – enguru is as close to a real experience as you will ever get! With realistic conversations and feedback, you can learn Spoken English instantly!
  • Necessary – knowing English is essential to succeed! Improve your Spoken English with enguru and speak your way to success!
  • User friendly & Engaging – enguru is easy to use and is as fun as it is educational!

The app is designed to help anyone from any age to learn or polish their skills in the language. So if you are one among them, then this app is for you. You can also help kids learn English faster through the app.

To download the app through your android store, Click here.

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