Elon Musk don’t need any introduction. His name itself sounds inspiring and motivating for many ambitious young minds around the world. Nowadays, even the experienced businessmen consider him as a role model. With $13 billion (or more),  Elon Musk is one of the very few billionaires who is actually trying to solve the real world problems. He is a visionary, inventor, investor and an entrepreneur. PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity, and SpaceX are his brainchild’s that made him the billionaire he is today.
From a tough childhood in South Africa to sending rockets to Space, his journey so far was so risky and inspiring. Well, that’s why they always say, Fortune Favors the Brave. Anyway, inside today’s post, we have included an infographic that depicts the entire journey of Mr. Elon Musk so far (as of 8th March, 2016 ). We hope you’d enjoy it.

Thanks to our friends at Funders and Founders for making this awesome infographic.

Elon Musk Life Journey and Success Story