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Long back, we have shared a few details about the best free antivirus software for Windows PC. But Free antivirus software has some limitations. If you’re really concerned about your online presence , then should really consider premium antivirus software. McAfee is one of the top Antivirus Products online. But another good thing about McAfee is that, it provides better features for lesser process when compared to other Antivirus. Another good thing is that McAfee is giving away McAfee Antivirus Plus free for 6 months or 180 days. 

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Before telling you guys how to download McAfee Antivirus Plus Completely Free for 6 months, let’s discuss a few details about it’s basic features

Features of McAfee Antivirus Plus:

McAfee Shredder:

McAfee Shredder is useful in removing files that can’t be deleted normally from your computer. It also removes unwanted files from your computer. No one can recover the files after the deletion process is completed.

McAfee Vulnerability Scanner:  

McAfee Vulnerability Scanner is useful in maintaining our 3rd party software and apps upto date. It will notice the software that are not the latest version and reminds us to update them to keep our device free from vulnerabilities.

McAfee Quick Clean:

It cleans all the temporary, obsolete and unnecessary files from your computer and makes it process faster.

WiFi Protection:

This feature protects our WiFi setup from threats like virus, hackers, and also protects incoming and outgoing traffic.

So we can conclude that McAfee is a decent antivirus product with good features. Normally this 6 moths trail value is almost $20.


McAfee Antivirus Free Download


To avail this awesome 180 days or 6 months McAfee Antivirus Plus Trail, visit the link shared below.

Download McAfee Antivirus Plus Free for 6 Months