DreamShot Screen Capture Tool For Mac

Here we are again with an awesome freebie. But this one is only for Mac users. This is a Screen Capture tool for Mac. We have listed out a few details about this tool. We have also included a little video about this tool.  Hope this will be useful to you for some extent. Anyway you can get the download link below this article.

DreamShot rids your desktop of screenshot clutter, and best of all, requires next to no effort. Choose your preferred keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot in an instant, and then seamlessly send it to any app, service, or destination on your Mac from a list that will auto-populate right in front of your eyes. It’s that simple.

A few features of DreamShot screen capture tool for Mac are listed below.

  • Quickly access all previous screenshots via the menu bar.
  • Instantly print, save, copy to your clipboard, open in Preview, iMessage screenshots, and more.
  • Hide unwanted destinations from your list of options.
  • Program your favorite destinations to quickly send screenshots to email, Evernote, Facebook, Twitter, Photoshop, Airdrop, and more.


Download DreamShot screen capture tool for Mac full version for free now.