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Yes this is for real. EA is offering Dead Space PC Game for free. So now anyone with an internet connection can download and play it on their PC. But what’s the catch ? You just need to sign up on their steam like gaming platform called as “Origin” to download Dead Space PC Game. This looks like a pretty good strategy from EA to increase their user base. And also EA confirmed that more free games will be announced from time to time. Let’s check out the whole story and the steps to download the game.

Back in 2011 Electronic Arts (E.A) launched a gaming platform called as “Origin” which is similar to the “Steam”. Only difference between E.A’s Origin and Steam is that, on Steam you can get games of various game publishers, but when it comes to Origin its limited to the games developed by E.A itself.

Earlier this year, E.A announced a new program called as “On-The-House” through which they offer completely free games. And now Dead Space is the first of those to offer. E.A also warns that “On the House” offers, which will include games and expansions, will appear and disappear without notice. But they mentioned the dead line to download the Dead Space Game for Free and that’s 8 May. So don’t hesitate now and download the game and play it when its available.

Below are the steps involved to download the game. I’ve made the steps simple with the screenshots of the entire process i’ve gone through.

Steps To Download Dead Space From Origin For Free

1) First of all download the origin program on your PC and install it.

2) Start the program and create a new account. If you already have an account then sign in as usual.

E.A Origin


3) After signing in to the Origin, move your cursor to the ‘Free Games’ option on the navigation bar and choose On The House as marked in the below screenshot.

EA Origin store


4) Now you will see the Dead Space Game as the only single one on the list. Just download the game and install it. Its better if your internet connection is fast, otherwise it takes ages to complete the download.

That’s all required and now its your turn to share this news with your friends and gamer dudes. Anyway don’t forget to comment your views on this info.

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