Converza-The Conversation Network.


Ever since the bloom of social networking throughout the world, the Internet has been flooding with new things. Some are good, some are bad. Some are excellent and some others are horrible. It’s impossible to know what may become the next ‘most viral’ thing. This has given rise to a new platform for the entrepreneurs to exploit and dig in. Tons and tons of apps/software/websites are being made everyday. If your product is good enough IT WILL SELL. It has given creative freedom to the world.

Today I’m gonna review one such creative app-


The makers of this app like to call it a ‘Conversation Network’ because it connects people with similar interests and creates communication between  them.

Umm…so what does this Converza thing do anyway?

Well,Converza helps people discover relevant content based on their interest and initiates content/information based conversations/discussions.

Converza will effectively be creating a social network around content and information sharing.

Apart from content, users will be able to discover interesting people(next update) who share similar interests and thus users can create a network of like minded people. The app is still in it’s infant phase and dear readers, with your support, this might as well become the NEXT BIG THING. The makers of the app are a really hard working people and strive to change the rules of the game.


News feed – A list all the trending stories and topics of your interest.
Live scores & updates – Love discussing Cricket or Football ? What better than having live scores & updates so discussions become more interesting
Conversation board – Attached to each story/topic, so discussion with friends or other users are more engaging!
User tagging – Want to get someone’s attention? Just @mention them!
Discovery – Find interesting people who’s share similar interests and create a network of like minded people.
Simple, neat and easy to use interface.
If this doesn’t fill your bucket, I don’t know what will. This is what innovation is all about. I loved it, you will too if you if try it.

And the best part?


To download the app on your Android play store, click here. The app is currently only for android and they will be releasing it for iOS probably at the end of june.

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