Cellkon Review


Ever  since smart phones have engulfed the market, there have more and more companies trying their  luck in the business. That is never  a bad option as the amount involved in the business is massive and if you are the right path then there isn’t a necessity to turn around, you can just flourish in the business, that is the best thing about the smart phone business and you are quite aware of the fact as well, it is quite evident with the number of companies stepping into the business. The situation is same in the case of India as well, there have been several companies stepping into the market; while some manage to make a mark, the other  just plunge down the road, as they bite the dust.

New Model :

Celkon is another  company of the Indian make that has been doing everything to step into business but still has failed thought out. Micromax is the only company of the Indian market  that has managed to put across something worth a note. The recently launched Micromax Canvas 4 turned out to be a disappointment for  the company and the customer  alike, and now Celkon has come up with its brand new model, the Celkon A119 Signature HD, which was released in the month of March, this year , but then again, this smart phone has been the books of the critics than being complimented for.

The smartphone is powered by minimal performance features and there have been several complaints about the smar t phone, there were users who have said that the company they could not expect anything much from company like Celkon, they would rather  resort brands like Samsung, HTC, Nokia the ones that would offer the features that would be really elegant and classier than the ones seen in the Celkon A119 Signature.


The Celkon A119 Signature HD sports a 5 inch display with a resolution of 720×1280 pixels, and the pixel per  inch density is 294, you make forget about crystal clear  images on your  screen, the pixel density is not enough to suppor t a 5 inch screen, there is a need to cover  the screen fur ther  but then the company has not made an effor t to nullify this problem, it has just released a smar t phone to step into the business and nothing else.

As far  as the Celkon A119 Signature HD is concerned it is a low end smartphone is powered by the Android’s version of operating system for  smartphones the Jellybean 4.1 and a dual core 1GHz processor . The operating system is powerful indeed, but these companies have not managed to manufacture the hardware that would support the powerful software or  the internal features and that will lead to fur ther  problems in the future which may getting the smar t phone hanging and blocking content as well.

The user  opinions about the smartphone has only let down the smart phones further down the drain, there have only complaints and compar isons where people have mentioned the Micromax Canvas series are far better than the Celkon smartphones. It is indeed sad that these companies are coming up with smar t phones just for  the heck of it, not to fulfill the requirements of the customers, that is posing a bigger problem here, for  today, there are a huge number  of smar t phones in the industry but none of them seem to adhere to the requirements of the customers, rather  they are all into bringing out smartphones one after the other and filling up the bin with the useless ones.

On an frank note, the Celkon A119 Signature HD is on par  with the other  smartphones when it comes to the features, but then the smartphone is not built to handle such features.


The Celkon A119 Signature HD is equipped with a 12 Mega Pixel camera with the other features packed in it like the autofocus and Geo-tagging it also suppor ts video recording. That sounds pretty good for the smartphone, but then the glitch is because the camera is not of a good make. The pixels in the camera are digitally enhanced and then sensors are not power ful enough to create the 12 Mega Pixels shots, therefore if you are buying the Celkon A119 Signature HD for the camera it sports, then it’s a bad idea, the 12 MP camera is just hype created, specifically the smart phone has nothing great to offer  with the camera either . Therefore this smar t phone has as good as not being existent in here for  the brand is anyways something that is not prefer red by the people and moreover  the hard ware and the software of the smartphone do not sync with each other , the problem is unavoidable in this case.


The battery backup is the biggest disaster  in the case of the smar t phone; the Celkon A119 Signature is powered by a 2100mAh battery though it looks powerful, as mentioned earlier : the company has not successfully incorporated the hardware into the system. However  strong may be the software, the hardware fails to go on par  with it, therefore despite the power  being quite the backup that the smartphone offers in a mere 6 hours, that is like not even half a day.


On an end note, this smar t phone is not wor th a buy, it is better  to look out smartphones of a better  make rather  than going for  a smartphone that would breakdown within a few months of the purchase.