Buddiesnation- A new kind of social network.


It was the weekend night and I was searching through my app store to find new applications for download. As I dug deep I found this app called Buddiesnation and downloaded it to see what’s in it for me. It was an extremely neat app and their concept was unique and one of a kind.

I immediately contacted the makers and asked them if I could write a review their app. And here I am writing this post. Really glad they agreed.

Buddiesnation is basically another social network. But how different is it from the already existing social networks? What sets it apart?

Buddiesnation is the only Social-Commerce platform in the whole world, which caters to all combination of requirement for a user on a SINGLE PLATFORM.

The experience is absolutely fabulous and user friendly. One of the unique feature which impressed me was that,¬†You also get to selectively mingle with the type of people you choose. The fact that you can choose the type of people you want to meet helps massively in bringing down spam. I don’t see this feature in any other social network.



The primary idea behind the app is to enable people to meet other people with similar interests and also to get professional help to wherever you are as soon as possible. Before signing up they ask you to select your interests and the type of people you want to mix with. They also help you in building business platform so that you discover the entrepreneur in you.

Snap and Sell.

This is one really cool feature on Buddiesnation. I personally loved the idea. It’s a buying and selling platform where you can post your and/or buy stuff that you like. But that’s not just it. There’s more. You can create something new everyday and sell it on Buddiesnation for your own price. It may be a fancy greeting card, or a slick motion sensing device that you just designed. Anything creative will sell. This way you are not only making money, you are also doing something new, innovative and out of the box every time.


Buddiesnation.com has one of the unique products lined up in their shopping category. The quality is all tested and tried amongst the customers. The pricing is very reasonable compared to the competition. Check out the humongous product line up in www.buddiesnation.com.Grow your business. By selling your products on their app/website.


This is where the everyday mundane works can be resolved. Need a plumber, need a electrician at home, need to show your children to a specialist doctor, need to re-paint your home – Just post your requirement in the classified and you will get relevant calls from the experts.

Free Merchant registrations:

Buddiesnation is the only social commerce site which encourages unique product vendors to come on board, free of charges.

So that they can showcase their products to their already registered users. This acts as a boon for the merchants, as they will be able to sell their products immediately.

It also surprises me, that the prices are way too low from the existing e-commerce sites operating in India.

So What Else Do They Have in Store for Me?

  • Meet new people everyday. People who share your interests. People who share your thoughts. People who value your ideas.
  • Get your work done faster than ever. Buddiesnation gets you solutions to your problems by helping you meet the right kind of people around you.
  • Grow your business. By selling your products on their app/website, by sharing your business ideas with your buddies, you can maximise the reach and scope of your startup.
  • Opportunity to constantly keep innovating.
  • Explore opportunities by constantly keeping in touch with your buddies.

When was the last time you used such a multi purpose versatile app on your phone?

Trust me, you’ll love this app if you start using it regularly.

You will have access to this app only if you are an android or iOS user.

To download the app from your Android play store, click here.

Apple users click here to download the app.

Note to the readers- The above mentioned details and observations are solely from the perspective of the author. In case you want to know more about the app send an email to or you can visit their website Buddiesnation.com.