BML S50 Phablet Features

There was a time when only the top leading brands came up with cell phones and tablets that had remarkable features and high quality resolution. But now, every company is trying to jump onto the bandwagon of innovation. In all honesty, this is a favorable outcome for the masses. There was a time when an info-mated household was one with at least five information devices. By that definition, just about every household is now an info-mated household. And what does that mean? It means that every person in every house has a device of their own. But since it wouldn’t be economical to hand each child a cell phone worth hundreds of dollars solely for the purpose of the brand it is, companies such as BML have found a better solution.

At price is $90.90. Here, you can get the BML S50, which is a phablet that operates with Android 4.2 OS. Furthermore, the BML S50 has a 1.3GHz Dual Core processor which ensures the smooth functioning of the phablet. Additionally, its 2-Points capacitive screen of 5.0 inch has an 854 * 480 WVGA resolution. So, all these features are quite amazing and make this product worth it.

The 0.5kg package will include a data cable, detachable battery, phone case, pair of headphones and a wall plug charger.

BML S50 Front Design

BML S50 has dimensions of 5.7 x 2.9 x 0.36 inches that render it slim and easy to handle. As for memory space, it has a 4GB ROM (with a 512MB RAM). Although that is ample storage space, a TF card of up to 32GB can be inserted for extra memory space. The Micro SD Card slot can be found next to the dual SIM slots. This makes you enjoy extra space and you can gather everything you want.

BML S50 has dual cameras: front and back. The rear camera is 5.0MP (with a flashlight and AF) whereas the front camera is 0.3MP. The options for recording videos is also available. The 3.5mm headphone jack is also present, and videos with 3GP, M4 and AVI format can be played on the phablet. The supported music formats are AAC, MP3 and WAV whereas the supported picture formats are PNG, JPEG, GIF and BMP.

The BML S50 also allows its users to download E-books (TXT) and work with MS Office Word, Excel and PPT. The games that can be played are Android APK. All Google Play Store items are available on the Play Store on BML S50 as well.

BML S50 Rear

Other features of the BML S50 include Bluetooth, Ebook, Email, FM Radio, GPS, WIFI, 3G, Tethering &portable hotspot, System update, Calendar, Video Call, Proximity Sensing, Browser, Clock, Camera, Wallpapers, Play Store, and Messaging etc. Furthermore, it has a gravity sensor, 2-Point touch and standby time of approximately 2 to 3 days. All these features described above makes it an amazing product. You should go for it as its lucrative in many ways and with all the features, it can prove worthy enough.

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