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Maintaining a blog


Believe it or not, this is the toughest task ever for every blogger. Effective maintenance of a blog decides it’s growth. Be it design or post frequency or even optimizing, every thing takes a lot of hard work and it’s your responsibility to make sure every part is done in a correct way. So let’s take about a few words on the topic “How to maintain your blog effectively?”

Note: This post is the 2nd part of the Blogging 101 : Beginners guide to Blogging. If you missed it click here to take a visit.  If you are already familiar with blogging, then i recommend you to check these articles.

I still assume that you’re a complete beginner who seeks to step in to the vast world of Blogging. So i divide this post into 3 sections. They are

  • Designing
  • Updating and List Building
  • SEO and Monetizing

Let’s start with the first section Designing.


Just visit some top blogs like mashable and techcrunch, no doubt that you will be impressed by their theme or template. A theme or Design of a blog decides it’s value for about 25%. Yes really! more cool is your theme more valued is your blog. Anyway this applies only if you’re having some worthy content in your blog. WordPress has a whole lot of free and premium themes (like more than a million) when compared to blogger and tumblr.

So i think you’ve understood the importance of design for now. So let’s jump into the next section “updating and list building.”

2.Updating and List Building

No matter what you do if you are not updating your blog frequently then every statistic of the blog goes down deep. This is called as posting frequency and  you should follow it. Post atleast 3 quality, useful and unique articles per week and in no time you can see the results yourself. Never copy and paste from other sites, this is really a bad practice and results will be very severe.

Now comes to the list building, it means increasing the readership of your blog i.e number of subscribers and followers of your blog. More the subscribers are more valued your blog is.

So now let’s hop into last section “SEO and Monetizing.”

3.SEO and Monetizing

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and this topic cannot be completed in a single post. So i’m giving you a glance of it here. SEO means optimizing your blog’s content for search engines and search robots(these robots crawls your web pages for content and shows them on search results). SEO is not difficult to understand, but it’s vast. So i recommend you follow our SEO section of our blog and also google the term “learn seo free” to get more resources to learn seo.

Now comes to the Monetizing part, Monetizing means making money by selling your blog space. There are many Ad networks and Affiliate networks to monetize your blog. Most famous Ad networks are Google adsense, Infolinks, Buy sell ads, Yahoo ads, Chitika ads,  etc. Getting approved by Infolinks and Chitika ad networks is very easy, whereas in case Google adsense and Buy sell ads it’s very very very tough. You can also go for affiliate programs like Amazon and Ebay and also various other sites. Just promote their products on your blog and whenever somone buys from your blog, you will get a commision. This is the main reason list building is very important. More users more money.


So that’s the end of our Beginners Blogging Tutorial. It’s upto you to decide the options available. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the series and if you’ve any more doubts you can email me [email protected] and i will respond to you asap.

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