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Beginners Blogging guide


Want to start blogging and make use of your free time instead of wasting yourself on Facebook,Google Plus etc. Then you are in the right place. In this tutorial i’m going to guide you on how to setup your first blog and also how to maintain it further.

Note: This tutorial is only for beginners, so that if you are already familiar with blogging, then i recommend you to check these articles on SEO.

Now back to our main topic, this guide is divided into 3 sections. I recommend you not to skip any one and follow the same order. Let’s start with our first section “Niche.” 1. Selecting a niche Niche means “category or field ” that you want to blog. Most used niche are ‘Technology’ and ‘Entertainment’ and next comes Lifestyle, Internet marketing, Health and Finance etc.

Note: If you are into blogging just for expressing your personal views, you can ignore this section and move onto the next one i.e, “Domain and Hosting.”

I have given examples for some niche below. Just take a visit to each one (only after you are done with this full guide).These blogs are some of my favourite, you can also find a lot more on the internet.

Now that you have a basic idea of what is niche, you can think of yourself on which niche you are good at and start blogging. You have completed this first section succesfully, so next move on to the 2nd section i.e, Domain and Hosting.

2. Domains and Hosting

This is a crucial section. It’s completely your decision to select that whether you want to go for “Free option or Paid Option.” If you are really serious about blogging then i suggest you to go for ‘paid option’ and buy a domain name and Hosing Package from famous companies like Namecheap, Hostgator, Godaddy etc.(My first recommendation would be Namecheap.) It costs you around less than $60 in case of namecheap and in case of Hostgator this value may increase. Hostgator is best in the business whreas namecheap is considered as Cheap and Best Solution Online.

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Let us consider that you bought a hosting package for a year and now a wise choice is install the WordPress Script(CMS). WordPress is a Content Management System that let’s you handle your blog in an effective and easy manner. So you may think that why wordpress, are there no alternatives than wordpress? Let me tell you one thing. There are alternatives to every thing in this world. But WordPress is the best option available to you on the internet today and there is no reason to think of it’s alternative unless you ‘re a pro in web developement, in this case i assume that you are not.

But for some reason you don’t want to go into all this mess, then there is a simple and easier way for you. That is just buy a domain and create your blog on blogger.com and redirect your domain your blogger blog. Only blogger and tumblr are offering free domain redirection services as of now. Domain or Url redirection is a technique for making the webpage available under more than one url address.

Ok now into the ‘free option,’ I recommend you to go for either blogger or WordPress.com. There are also other alternatives like Tumblr and Weebly. You may think that what’s the difference between the previous mentioned WordPress in paid option and and the one mentioned here. The difference is that in the paid version you can install plugins(there are like a million plugins) for every purpose and this makes life easier in WordPress.org(paid and self hosted) . Blogger.com is owned by google and it is considered the best option for beginners in blogging.

I think this tutorial turned out to be little longer than expected, So i think it’s better to stop for now and continue the remaining part in the next post. The third and the last section of this tutorial is named as “Maintaining your Blog” and it will be covered in the next update.

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