Remote Control PC with Windows Phone 8 Apps

You have an important  presentation to give in your office and you forgot the required files in your Windows PC at home. If you have a Windows Phone 8  in your pocket, then you need not worry about the job. You can use Windows 8 Phone apps to remote control your PC and that’s so simple to do. There are a lot of Windows Phone 8 apps out there that offers remote control access feature, but only a few of them stands out as the best. Let’s discuss about them in detail.

Remote Control Your PC with Windows 8 Phone Apps

PC Remote

PC Remote Windows Phone 8 App

PC Remote is one of the popular downloads on Windows Phone Store. Using this app, it’s very easy to install, configure and control your PC anywhere on the local network. It also offers a virtual mouse and keyboard experience, PC Remote features integrated remotes for media players and even a PowerPoint remote. Popular Services such as iTunes, Spotify, XMBC, VLC, Media Player Classic, Netflix and Hulu are all supported. You can launch a video on your PC from YouTube in seconds.

You can get all features above in a free version and in a Pro version you will get more features such as Gestures, Hotspot creation, Transfer Files to and from PC with one click. For more details click the App title above.

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Splashtop Personal

Splashtop Personal Windows Phone 8 App

It’s the only available remote access app that can be used to control either a Windows PC or a MAC. According to the creators of Splashtop Personal app, it’s the only available remote access product capable of delivering full audio and HD video streaming and also interactive 3D gaming. You can access all your files and programs with 100% compatibility including MS Office. For more details click the App title above


Office Remote

Office Remote Windows Phone 8 App

This will be the best option and an ideal solution for college guys and Professionals and all those who works more with Powerpoint. This app lets you control Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from across the room, so you can walk around freely during presentations. With the help of Office Remote, from your phone, you can easily start your PowerPoint presentation, see your speaker notes, advance the slides, and control an on-screen laser pointer with a touch of your finger.  And you can scroll through a Word document or quickly jump to specific sections or comments in it. All these features are available for free. For more details click the App title above.

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