Beginners Guide to Web Hosting


You have a website and you want to make it visible for the world? Welcome to the club. Nowadays it seems that almost everyone has a website, no matter if it comes to a personal or a company one. So, having in mind the great competition it is not sufficient only to build your website and make an attractive web design for it, or even to fill it with interesting and unique content. One of the most important questions that arise after making the decision of having a website is to how to choose the best web hosting for it.

What is a web hosting server?

choosing a web host

A web hosting server is an allocated disk space on a computer (server) with a consistently good connectivity to the Internet. And when we are saying “good connectivity” we don’t mean using your personal computer as a server, because you as a user are also a network termination point. Good connectivity means a forefront position on the global network.


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Should we choose a free hosting plan?

Free hosting plan is a pretty popular choice not only for some newbie webmasters, but also for some experienced ones. However, before getting a free hosting plan you should bear in mind the fact that it may be easy to set up or navigate through, but there are some limitations. The greatest disadvantage of most free hosting plans is that they don’t provide you with some access to FTP and CGI-BIN. The choice of a domain name for your website is also quite limited when having a free hosting plan, and this limits the potential of your website.

The first thing you should do is be aware of the fact what is your website supposed to be – a company or a personal one. Have in mind that most sources of free hosting usually require you to put some banners or pop-up ads on your website, which can be a problem if you are planning to build a business one, because the countless ads and pop-ups may annoy your customers and chase them away. And last, but not least, you should also know that free hosting has a very small daily bandwidth limit, which means that if you manage to generate a lot of traffic that exceeds your daily bandwidth limit, your website will probably be suspended.

What should you do then?

Should we choose a paid hosting plan?

The most reasonable solution seems to be to look for a paid web hosting plan. There is a great variety of web hosting companies that offer such a service, but you should choose wisely. There are some companies that offer a paid hosting for only $1 a month. Be very careful with such providers, because a great deal of these companies often offer some services that you don’t actually get. What is the lesson learned? If the reliability and success of your website is important to you, choose very carefully who are you going to trust with your web hosting.

What are the main characteristics of a hosting plan?

The main thing you should pay attention to when choosing a web hosting plan are:

• The “volume” of the hosting in MB;
• The reliability of the hosting – you should be sure that your website won’t be hacked, or that the access won’t be stopped, etc.;
• Visibility – will be your website visible from any point in the world;
• Mailboxes – are there any mailboxes offered along with your hosting plan.

These are the most basing points which you should look for when choosing a web hosting service. Remember that nothing that can be characterized with high quality, is free. If you want to have a small personal website anywhere on the Internet – that’s okay; but when it comes to a serious business and company website choosing a hosting service that just will not serve you that well can cost you a lot.

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