How To Install WordPress ThemesThemes are really useful to make your WordPress site look awesome, different and also productive. WordPress Themes play a major role in increasing your site’s traffic. Like WordPress plugin installation, we can install WordPress themes from admin dashboard or using FTP method.

I will always advice you to install a premium theme than a free theme. Because there are a lot of advantages in using premium wordpress themes over free WordPress themes. For example, traffic of our site FactsnFakes increased 10 times by installing Mythemeshop’s SociallyViral Theme. Also check this awesome Holiday offer by Mythemeshop – Any Plugin or Theme for just $9.

Guide to install WordPress Themes

We can install free themes from WordPress themes repository right from our WordPress dashboard or by downloading and uploading our theme. And also we can use the FTP upload method, but i won’t recommend it and i will advice you to stay away from it.

Various theme vendors or sellers gives us the facility to download our theme in .zip file format, so it will be more easier for us, since we can only upload .zip file through our dashboard.

Now let’s discuss about installing WordPress themes  by uploading themes directly from our WordPress admin dashboard and also by searching and installing. Screenshots are provided to assist you on each step.

  • First thing is to navigate to Appearance => Themes section from your dashboard.

WordPress Themes

  • Next click on Add New option on the top of the screen. On the next page click on the Upload Theme option on the top of the screen.

WordPress Theme Add new


WordPress Themes upload


  • Now on the next page there will be option to browse and upload your downloaded theme. We should upload the entire .zip file . See the screenshot below to know more.

upload themes wordpress

Then the last thing to do is activate the theme on your site. If you still want to opt for a free theme for different reasons then check the instructions given below.

  • We can install free themes by searching the themes right from our dashboard. But here you can only see free themes and i won’t recommend you a free theme if you want to be a successful blogger online.

Wordpress themes search

  • Now you will see a lot of free themes. Just focus your mouse pointer towards onto any one theme and you will see the option Install and Preview. You can use preview option to see how the theme looks on your site. If you like then click on install theme.
  • Next step is to activate the theme you just installed. Just after installing, a confirmation message will be shown and also there will be an option right there to activate the theme. Otherwise we can activate the theme visiting the Appearance => Themes and clicking on activate option on the theme you want.

Regarding the FTP method, already told you that i won’t recommend it. I have used it only once and that experience sucks,because a lot of my time got wasted and i ended up doing some stuff which made our site go offline for an hour and that really s**ks.  So stay away from it. The two methods explained here are pretty much enough because most hosting services will provide us with a cpanel, which we can use to monitor and maintain our site under emergency situations.

That’s all needed to do. Check out our Beginners Guide To WordPress for more useful tips and tricks. This post is published as a part of our Beginners WordPress Guide free course. If you’re a newbie or beginner to WordPress, then please check our Beginners guide to WordPress (Will be released soon).