Apple iWatch Product Concept Design

I don’t know about you, but i’m really excited about Apple iWatch release. Actually can’t wait myself to get my hands on a real one. After the release Samsung’s Galaxy Gear and Gear 2, Apple fell into the defense zone. This time it has to bring out a worthy product, otherwise there is a chance of considerate fall in popularity of Apple brand. So i’m really sure, this time Apple will bring us a whole new awesome and worthy iWatch product. It’s rumored to be released in this October. But who knows anyway.

I’ve seen a lot of videos, heard a lot of rumors about Apple  iWatch product concept designs online. But none of them impressed me much. To my surprise, i found an awesome iWatch product design today and immediately thought of sharing this with you. This iWatch concept design is brought to us by Jivaldi Team.

Apple  iWatch Product Concept Design


Apple iWatch Product Concept Design