Most non-techie people thinks that Android is a Google’s product. But actually it isn’t. It was founded by Andy Rubin and three of his other friends in 2003. Later in 2005, Google bought Android for a price of 50 million dollars. Since it’s inception there are 9 major software upgrades to Android platform, in which Cupcake being the first upgrade and KitKat, the latest. Android runs on Linux Kernel which made multitasking easy. Android became so popular that almost 1.5 million devices with Android OS are activated each day across the planet.  All these became possible because Android is Open Source Software. 

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Wanna know more facts like above, then you should definitely check the infographic below. This Android 101 infographic is created by TechieSense, the same team who created Google 101 Interesting Facts and Stats Infographic which we shared in our site a month ago.

Android 101 Everything about Android