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Most of us has atleast one youtube channel. Some may have videos or some may not have at all. However for those who had videos, analyzing the perfromance of their videos throughout social media would be helpful to grow their channel and subscribers. Youtube does provide effective analytics for videos, but it does’nt provide the analytics for social media engagement of the videos.

At this point  comes to the rescue a new Startup called Strike Social.  Strike Social is a new startup which provides the youtube publishers  to analyze their videos Strike Score with the help of their tools. And i forgot to mention that these tools are completely free to use as of now.

Strike social retrieves your videos engagement over the Social networks like Facebook and Twitter and provides you a strike score. So more is the strike score, then more engaged your videos are.

Let’s take a look at the screenshots below to understand the funtionality of Strike Social.

After you’ve signed up, it starts by asking you to authentiate your youtube channel.

strike social



strike social 2


strike social




This is how it looks like after all the analyzing of your videos is completed. Analyzing may take a little longer if the channel is having more videos.



image credit: techcrunch.com

The  CEO Patrick McKenna said to Techcrunch that  “the company looks at “more than 100 datasets” from YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to calculate the score, and tracking that number over time should give you a sense of whether your performance is improving.”

However they are also soon planning to start premium services but these offered services at present are to be remained for free.

Watch the video about Social Strike or if you want to know more about them just click here.

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