9 entrepreneurs who are changing the world

According to my knowledge, it all started with Steve Jobs (Founded Apple) and then Bill Gates (Founded Microsoft) , Sergey Brin(Created Google) and Mark Zuckerberg (Created Facebook). When i mention these names, in a blink of a second, you knew why i did. Because they are the ones called as “Young Entrepreneurs Who actually changed the world..!” and are also responsible in one way or the other for this immense advancement in technology.

They all tasted the sweetness of success with world renowned innovations like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Still don’ get my view, then just imagine this world without Apple, Google, Microsoft or at least Facebook. I know it would be a quiet and boring world.

Just like them, there are also other bunch of ┬ákids (nerds and geeks) who can be termed as “Young Entrepreneurs Who Are Changing The World” and the infographic below mentions about 9 of them in a perfect way. Check the infographic now.


9 Young Entrepreneurs Who are changing the worldvia: DegreeLibrary