India has changed a lot. Back then,we were the source the richness and gold,now we are blatantly called “The Third World Country”. Ouch!

Before foreign invasion on our country,we ruled the world. We were the major exporters of spices,food,clothes and other quality stuff.It was a temple of trade and commerce. It is said that during the rule of Vijayanagar empire,golds and diamonds were sold roadside by weight. We were one bad-ass country indeed. What happened later on,is not something that makes us proud.

While the rest of the world was still busy throwing boomerangs and shaped stones ,we had civilizations that studied about abstract mathematics and sciences. So,here is a list of things that Indians started or the things that Indians did First-

1)A science called Astrology-

A brief overview of  the science.

The science that can predict the future!

To start with,astrology was a highly complex study of  motion of planets,constellations and our neighbouring stars with use of highly advanced mathematics to predict the future. Unlike now it was not a cheap trick to make money. It was a science. With the west getting involved in our affairs,these ideas lost their importance and lot of information was lost during this time.

2)Flush toilets-

A toilet remain from the Indus Valley Civilization.

A toilet remain from the Indus Valley Civilization.

Yes,it started in India. Way back then,5000 years ago,when the rest of the world was still toddling,we had hygienic systems for cleaning our metabolic waste. We were that civilized.

Ironically though more than 40% of Indian homes don’t have toilets and poop in the open. Sad,isn’t it?


A picture featuring different postures of Yoga.

A picture featuring different postures of Yoga.

It is a physical,mental, and spiritual practice or discipline, that aims to transform body and mind.Dating back to 6th and 5th century BCE,the art is still practiced in many parts of the country. Again,the irony is that Yoga has been more appreciated outside India than in here. Yet an other thing that totally kills us.


Sushrutha  performing surgery.

Sushrutha performing surgery.

Sushrutha,back in 6th century wrote a medical journal called ‘Sushrutha Samhithi’ which contained everything from Ayurvedic herbs to complex skin surgeries. In today’s world being a surgeon has a reputation of it’s own. So much for ancient science.


The genius mathematician,astrologer and scientist.

The genius mathematician,astrologer and scientist.

Ancient India has produced too many prodigies when it comes to basic mathematics.  It was land where scholars and mathematicians discussed advanced and pure mathematics. One of the very few but relatively more important inventions that actually came to light was the discovery of Zero by the ancient mathematician Aryabhatta. Without this invention,most of what we study now would have simply collapsed down. They owe us one. Big time.

6)The discovery of Pythogorean triplets-

Clay proof of his theorem.

Clay proof of his theorem.

Bhaudhayana,one of the most learned pure mathematician, had found out a certain pattern in the perfect square. His theorem was later modified for right angled triangles.

Baudhayana states:

The area produced by the diagonal of a rectangle is equal to the sum of area produced by it on two sides.

Genius huh?


2,600 years ago!

2,600 years ago!

It was only recently that the existence of atoms was confirmed by experiments(not more 6 century at max.).

Ancient Indian Sage Kanad was the founder of atomic theory in 600 B.C . He had the concepts of di-anu and tri-anu’s which referred to a combination of atoms,what we now refer to as molecules. There have been unexplained references to radio-active archaeological finds in many parts across the country. Experts speculate that these might be remnants of a nuclear explosions as there were many unexplained craters found nearby the places. We were a nuclear power back then,we again became a nuclear power recently in the last century under the expertise Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam.



8)Great Epics-

Epic epics.

Epic epics!

Ramayana is the first poetry of the world. It has 24,000 verses written in Sanskrit.It portrays Rama,the protagonist as a virtuous, brave,dutiful, truthful, noble, kind warrior who rejects his royal pleasure and sets off to destroy the antagonist Ravana.

The worlds biggest epic,Mahabharata is a beauty of a creation in itself. It is a huge collection of short stories connecting each other in an ecstatic way to make up the whole epic. I could go on writing about these works,but I think the my point has been made.

Such was the badassery that Indians showcased back then.

9)Mud Bricks-

Harrapan and  Mohenjodaro.

Harrapan and Mohenjodaro.

Back then when the rest of world,including Europe,was still filled with nomadic tribes hunting preys everyday for food,we were already constructing civilizations using mud bricks and sand.On the banks of the river Sutlej and Indus,grew civilizations called The Harrapan and Indus Valley Civilization,which had advanced signs of habitats. The remains of their civilizations show the uniquely planned drainage systems and  water circulation systems. They used burned bricks to build their houses,a practice we still follow in many parts of the country.

The list can go on and on. In fact ,it will be so long that we might even have to open an entire website for it.

India was a paradise for scholars and learned people. If only we were more united we could’ve saved a lot more of our heritage and lot more of our culture. A lot of things that happened in India has gone unnoticed largely because we were not into showcasing our knowledge of sciences.

What happened in India,remained in India.