8 ways cars can already drive themselves

Well basically, humans are lazy. We want more work to be done in very little time. We don’t mind spending on stuff that work for us as they are saving us both time and work. But the plus point is that, we are smart. Very smart. This is how technology started in the first place. Technology is what humans started because they were lazy. Period.

It all started with invention of wheel to make our easier. Now look where we have reached. A lot of trials and a lot of errors were done in the process of getting here. With technology getting more and more advanced, more and more things become automated and thus reduce human labour. Automated technology not only makes works easier but also makes things with more precision. Thus the efficiency is cutting edge. This equation holds good in almost all walks of life. Automation is the word of this century. Just take a look around yourself and try to notice how many things around you run on automation technology. Surprising huh?

Within a few years all of our transport will be automatic. I mean the way we travel will not depend on us. Instead it depends on computers and machines. With the inception of Google’s self driving cars, i can assure you that current human drivers will all become a little more jobless in a few years(We already are!). But do you think this new self driving technology is late or early ? I don’t know whether it’s late or early, but i can say one thing for sure and that is “Your Car can drive itself already”. Yes it’s true and I’m not joking here. If you want a proof, then i will give you eight proofs. Just check out the infographic below and you will understand that our cars are already more capable to drive themselves.

Let us see how Google has successfully applied automation to cars and other moving vehicles-

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8 ways car can drive itselfvia: DonateCarUSA