There are many things in the world that serves their purpose for the well being of Mankind and some things just does the opposite. Inventions like Engine, Computer spread a golden ticket to the Tech era we live right now. But inventions like Nuclear weapon has the ability to wipe that Golden era we live right now, in a flash. Let’s hope that won’t happen.

Anyway did you know that the most powerful gun in the world – the 32 -megajoule Electro-Magnetic Laboratory Rail Gun (32-MJ LRG) – has an accurate range of over 200 miles?  Basically, the gun could be fired from midtown Manhattan and hit a billboard in downtown Boston!


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Find out about other powerful things too, like the most powerful chili, computer and more in the infographic presented below. This is an awesome one. Check it now. Thank you 🙂

Most Powerful Things on the Planet

Most_Powerful_Things-on_Planet_Infographicvia: MobilePowerWashing