How many languages do you know ? I don’t know about you, but myself i can read and write in almost 4 languages. Don’t be jealous, you can do it too. Learning a language requires some time and a lot of patience. Wanna learn a new language online for free, then visit here “Learn languages for free.” Lets keep this learning languages thing aside and learn some fun facts about languages worldwide. There are a lot of amazing, awesome, funny facts about languages and the infographic below gives you such facts in a cool way. Some of the facts includes

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  • In 2009, an Indian man recorded almost 129 languages in a song and released it as a double CD…!
  • For every 2 weeks, a language dies.

Above are just examples of awesome and funny facts about the languages worldwide. The Infographic provides a lot more..! So what are you waiting for, explore the infographic right now.

Facts About Languages

50 awesome facts about languagessource:

Well, now you know some real cool facts about languages and its your turn to let me know how many languages you knew so far. I already told you, that i knew almost 4 languages. Lets see who knew more than me, haha. Thank you 🙂