Why Google Chrome id the best browser Ever

Google Chrome is my favourite and default browser. Actually it’s the best browser on the internet at present. There are always mozilla firefox and opera and safari, but when it comes to advanced security, features and awesomeness, Google Chrome stands in the first place.Since its inception, Google Chrome made its own mark in the browser industry and it improved gradually step by step with an every update.

But some of you may say that you have seen many bugs and security issues within the Chrome browser and also experienced the crashing effect. Yeah i wouldn’t say no because since its inital stage Google Chrome experienced many serious bugs and issues like crashing regularly. But those errors are rectified with an update as soon as they were noticed by the developers team and i can say this is one pf the reason i love Google Chrome. Come on my friend, there is no single browser out there which is having less bugs (errors) than Google Chrome.

Still won’t believe me…? May be after reading these five reasons below in detail you may understand why Google Chrome is the Best Browser Ever…!

1)  Speed

Accept it friends, Google Chrome is the fastest browser out there. It will launch within seconds as soon as you double click the icon on your desktop. I have tested this on every other browser and say what Google chrome was the top scorer.  It will also load web pages and web applications even faster. You wouldn’t believe that even complex web applications run smooth and fast on Google Chrome. And the Auto-completion (Omnibox) feature will save you a lot of time. You can search the web or visit a site directly using the Ominbox.

2) Simplicity

The main reason why majority of the users prefer Google Chrome is it’s simplicity and minimalistic design. Chrome still offers efficient Tab Management where you can open (or close) as many tabs as you want without slowing it down. The minimalistic design helps us to focus more on what we care about most.

3) Security 

Google Chrome alerts us whenever we’re about to visit a site that sucks (contains malware or phishing). The built in malware protection technology called as “Safe browsing” makes this possible.

safe browsing chrome


Chrome is updates automatically with the latest security features and fixes without any action required on our part.


Sanboxing is another security feature that prevent malware from installing itself on our computer, or using what happens in one browser tab to affect what happens in another. The sandbox adds an additional layer of protection against malicious web pages that try to leave programs on our computer, monitor our web activities, or steal private information from our hard drive and makes our life so hard.


If you still don’t believe me then watch this video below.

[aesop_video width=”500″ align=”center” src=”youtube” id=”29e0CtgXZSI” loop=”off” autoplay=”off” controls=”off”]

4) Privacy

Chrome gives us completecontrol of our private information while helping protect the information we share when we’re online. Incognito Mode and Opting out of Ad personalization are one of the awesome privacy concened features of the Chrome.

[aesop_video width=”500″ align=”center” src=”youtube” id=”2YItmumfVnk” loop=”off” autoplay=”off” controls=”off”]


5) Customization

Chrome offers us lot of customization features form the App store such as apps, extensions and themes. You can try all of them as you wish and each and every one of them is secured. I would suggest you to read the users review before installing any app or theme.


Apart from the mentioned reasons above i also like the “Synchronization” feature, which helps you a lot in many ways like remembering your passwords, bookmarks etc..;  This one feature saved me a lot of times for real..!

O.K ..now that you know about the top 5 reasons why Google Chrome is the best browser ever, i hope that if you’re reading this on another browser than Chrome, i hope you will switch to it soon.

Ok still you wont believe what i say , then i knew that you’re a fan of Justin Beiber….! 🙂

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