google+ user engagement tricks

Increase user engagement on Google+

If you are a daily internet user and vivid social networking guy like me, then you might have noticed by now that, Google+ has gained a huge popularity than expected. According to Business Insider, Google+ has been growing amazingly fast and now it has almost 340 million active user base worldwide. Who knows may be Google+ may surpass even Facebook and Twitter by the end of 2014..!. No wonder if that actually happens. To be frank, Google+ offers far more features than Facebook…!

Due to the above reasons, a lot of companies shifted their major social activity from Facebook to Google+. Because of the huge quality user base, companies may benefit more than they have on Facebook. But getting your product or Brand noticed and popular on Google+ is not an easy task. But by following some simple tricks, it will be real easy to gain from the platform.

Down below is the Infographic , that teaches us about the simple tips or tricks or secrets or whatever we may call that can increase user engagement on Google+ to a whole new level.

I call these tips as “5 killer tips to increase user engagement on Google+”


Infographic Source :  Web Strategy Plus
So now lets share some of your views below about this infographic. Is really Google+ that good? You can easily answer this question to yourself, if you’re a Google+ user. Well then just share that answer in the comment section below.
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