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Programmers had a lot of demand from the start itself, especially Java programmers. It’s estimated that an average programmer earns more money in a month than an average non-IT guy earns in a year. When it comes to Java programmers this number might be even more. So most people these days are looking to prep their career in Programming, even the non-IT folks. That’s actually a great move, but there is one big problem here. That is the cost to learn Java Programming. 

Programming is taught by a lot of Universities, Coaching Centers, Bootcamps etc.., but the price is so high that a normal small family could live for a month. This is the one main reason why most people drop out their idea to learn programming. That’s why we at FactsnFakes came up with a solution for you. We are not sure whether you knew it already or not that you can learn Programming/Java Programming completely online for free. I’m not kidding here, it’s actually for real. There are like unlimited infinite sources online that will help you to learn Java programming for free. Sources includes Websites, YouTube Channels, Learning Management Systems etc..; There are also paid learning opportunities, but the free ones will be more than enough for us.

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Out of the infinite sources, we have listed out 10 best sites to learn Java online completely for free and we will present them to you in two post series , part 1 and part 2. If you are really ambitious and can put some effort into it, then you can do it. Believe me. So let’s check into the first part.

Udemy’s Java Tutorial For Beginners: Java Programming From Scratch

First one is the John Purcell’s Java Tutorial on Udemy. This free Java Tutorial is very famous on Udemy and it is considered as one of the best among all the other paid Java courses on Udemy. It is actually my favorite.  This course starts is intended for beginners and there are almost 75 lectures (16 hours of content). All you need to do is to visit the link above and sign up and enroll for free. You will get unlimited access to the course.

TheNewBoston YouTube Channel’s Java Programming Tutorials

For some reason if you don’t like to learn through Udemy’s platform shared above, then i would suggest you to check this. TheNewBoston YouTube channel is very famous for its programming tutorials. Bucky (Instructor and the Owner of the Channel) explains everything in detail in simple short videos. There are a total of 87 videos in this beginners Java course and after you are done with it, you can also go for the Intermediate and advanced Java tutorials on the same channel.

Oracle Java Tutorials and HomeandLearn’s Free Java Course 

If you don’t want to watch video tutorials and you prefer to learn something by reading, then these two are your best options. First one is the Oracle Java Tutorials Documentation. This one presents you with in-depth concepts of everything you need to become a Java professional. Second one is also similar reading tutorial series by HomeandLearn website. I suggest you to try the both and choose the best that suits to your liking.

LearnJavaOnline.org: An Interactive Way to Learn Java Online

This is a new and complete different approach to learn Java online for free. If you are familiar with sites like Codecademy, Udacity, which offer interactive programming tutorials, then you are gonna love this. Because this website offers on the flow Java learning experience. If you are complete beginner and have no idea about programming then this site is your best option.

ProgrammingbyDoing: Learn Java by Doing

This website is not so friendly for complete beginners. Even though the website looks outdated, you can learn Java in an old evergreen approach (using command line and terminal), which can definitely boost your understanding of computers a lot. The site contains assignments for every part of the Java you are going to learn. So i would suggest you to consider this place after learning a bit or two about Java programming using the options mentioned above.

That’s the end of the first part of the series that gives you the best options to learn Java programming online for free. Hope you liked it and we would love your feedback about this in the comments below. This post may help one of your friends, so share this on your Facebook Timeline, Twitter etc..; The second part of the series will be published soon. So like our Facebook page to get notified about it and stay tuned. Thank you 🙂