best wordpress plugins to improve website revenue


You should always remember to develop your quality level of visitors by persuading them to remain on your website for long time and have a close observation on more pages available on your site, but at the same time you should also known how to make more money. Who doesn’t want to gain extra money? ‘Revenue boosting’ signifies a perfect sales equation of your website. When traffic or conversion rate value increases, they both will straightaway enhance revenue.

That’s why we’ve mentioned here 4 best free WordPress plugins which will easily improve your WordPress website’s revenue hugely.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

Besides social platforms, the organic search is considered as a unique channel for gathering ample traffic to the website. When you start ranking finely for the accurate search terms, Google will be kind enough to deliver you with constant flow of free traffic to your site. The organic search traffic is most likely to be reliable, letting you to give way to collective investment return on long-term basis. The vital key to SEO is to firstly optimize your website, optimize your meta-descriptions, and building your website in an easy way for search bots towards index.

WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast is a very important plugin that will assist you to perform all the above tasks with easy-to-apply interface which looks after the technical matters too. You just need to install this plugin on your site, enter your page and further post keywords and meta-descriptions, by which you are set to move ahead simply.


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2.  SumoMe


SumoMe is an awesome and must have WordPress plugin for all types of Websites. It offers a lot of features and out of them we have listed the two best options for you.

a) SumoMe ListBuilder

In order to enhance your website traffic, you can begin gathering emails and further sell your services or products. Number of methods is available to construct an email list, but one strong way that has been steadily shown as extremely successful is none other than opt-in pop-ups. Though pop-ups are not been liked much, but it compels the visitors or the users to make a choice. If the users are interested in your content, most probably they will tell ‘no’ to your given offer of more number of free contents. So the SumoMe ListBuilder plugin will swiftly allow you to add an opt-in pop-up in an easy way on your site. In spite of various premium templates accessible, this plugin is actually free. When you set up this app on your site, you’ll notice an immediate rise in your subscription rate.

b). SumoMe Share Bar

Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn can enhance tremendous traffic towards your site. Instead of direct promotion, you can propel your current audience to promote your website on their individual social profiles only for your sake. So firstly you need to craft contents that audiences would like to share. Secondly, you can create sharing those contents in a very easy way. So SumoMe Share Bar plugin approaches into picture to help you. This plugin hands at the lower bottom of your screen on the smartphone that provides the readers to share anytime. With the continuous sharing and reminder option, SumoMe Share Bar plugin will be offering you with immediate  enhancement in the social shares on your smartphone which actually signifies better traffic and enormous traffic to your site.


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3. WPtouch Mobile

You won’t find any new WP theme which is not mobile-responsive. You should never ever think of erecting a non-responsive website. But at times you might have stuck with a non-responsive site which you can’t provide to remodel. Here approaches the WPtouch Mobile plugin that comes to help. This plugin is taken as handy that lets you to craft an easy mobile theme swiftly for your site that is of course free and executes superbly for acquiring all your contents on mobile itself, sans any price or disturbance of restoring your site. It is a remarkable option when you require making more profits with cheap modifications.

4. InviteReferrals

Anyone does understands that referrals are really worth it, as most of the users are inclined to have belief on the suggestions of their friends firstly, ahead of the internet’s advice. InviteReferrals plugin certainly assists you in revolving your present customers into referral appliances. This plugin can be used very easily, thus allowing you to award your clients and customers with exceptional offers when they provide a referral. The important features of InviteReferrals cover fascinating and clean design that places it in unusual company.

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