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Are you tired of waiting for Google to rank your site?

It’s always the biggest problem for bloggers to wait for Google to rank your site when you have some really good content that you want to share with people. You feel helpless no matter how you syndicate your articles or how much SEO work you have done but you still can’t find your new articles on Google search result. Today, I’m going to show you guys 3 strategies that could help you to drive massive traffic to your site before Google rank it.

Do you realize that there are thousands of ways to deliver your content?

Of course, I am not telling you to stop doing SEO or creating value-based content in your blog with certain targeted keywords. You still need to do it because it is for long term. But what I am going to show you is a booster that could help you to spread your content more wider. That means more people will know about you and your blog. Eventually, it will bring more and more traffic to you. Period!

Blog Traffic Genereation Techniques

Now we are going to think out of the box. Instead of merely putting our stuff on our blogs and wait for people to visit. What other ways we can do to put our ‘content’ out there and let more people to reach it???

Articles Publishing Sites

We can use the leverage of some major article directories to get tons and tons of “in house” traffic without ranking in Google. This is because different people would different habit on searching stuff. Some may start their search on Google, some may search on YouTube and some may start on some articles publishing sites. I can tell you the competition in these sites can be a lot lower. Why not take this advantage to get more traffic to your site?? All we need to do is just tweak a little bit of the content of your blog so that it appears to be more unique. Then publish on these sites. Here are some suggestions for you:


Publishing on Forums

Getting Traffic From Forums
It is just more or less the same as posting your content in articles publishing sites but this time you post it in forums. Only one thing and the most important thing you must notice is forum is more likely a community. People in forums don’t like hard-selling articles. That means you got to make sure you are posting some value-based content in forums so that people would be engaged to you. You could simply give the link of your website or your blog on your signature, so that if someone likes the content that you shared, they are most likely want to find out more from you. So publishing on forums not only could bring instant traffic to your content and your sites, but also could build up a community around your name. It’s all good!!

Document Sharing Sites

Again, document sharing sites have tons and tons of ‘in house’ traffic. Some people just like to surfing around these sites and get valuable information. What you need to do is just convert your blog post into a PDF file and then upload to these sites. Repackage it with certain keyword so as to allow people to search more easily. It is just that easy and won’t spend you more than 15 mins to do it.

You can go the and simply type in the URL of your blog post. It will then convert your post into a PDF file. The best thing is, it keeps all the links in your post clickable!! Awesome!!

Then you can upload your file to the sites below:


How does it work for me?
Basically, these strategies bring me 300 to 500 more views before my blog post is ranked on Google search result. It also brings me more new visitors to my blog. If you want to drive more traffic to your website or even build up more engaging visitors, it is definitely worth for you to do a little bit more work!!

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About Author : Kirk Lau is an Internet Marketer located in Hong Kong. Teaching average people to earn an extra income by simply blogging, sharing on social media and using paid traffic strategies. You can go to Kirk Lau’s Blog to find out more information that he share! You can also find him on Google+.