Month: September 2015

MobiKin:The World’s Most Powerful Tool for iOS Users.

Mobikin: iOS Data Recovery Software What is MobiKin? An easy to use iOS program that lets you transfer music, movies, photos and a whole lot more from all generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod to your PC. MobiKin can be up and running  in your PC by following three simple steps 1)Download and install MobiKin on your PC. 2)Install and run iTunes on the computer. 3)Using the USB connector,link you iDevice to your PC. And you are good to go!! Once you have the MobiKin program installed you can enjoy these amazing features it has to offer. Easily Copy...

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Zerch: Find the latest offers and deals around you!

Zerch: Find Offers Around You. In today’s review I’m going to write about an app which I personally use and I found it absolutely amazing. What is Zerch? Zerch is basically an app that keeps you informed about the offers around and nearby you. It has a neat user interface and excellent offers. So, the next weekend when you are having a hard time deciding where to go out, Zerch will be at your service. It’s always just a click away! The best mobile app to discover local deals and nearby offers is now available for free. Join the...

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World’s Most User-friendly iOS Data Recovery – iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone

Have you ever experienced those upset times when you lost some important files like happy past photos and some deleted text in your iPhone or your iPhone screen was broken by accident? Have you ever lost data after accidental deletion, jailbreak or iOS upgrade failure? The world’s most user-friendly iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone can help you deeply recover deleted photos, messages, contacts and various other files from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iMyfone Data Recovery for iPhone is the most easy-to–use software that you just need to follow the guide to click. Of course there are many kinds...

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