Month: July 2015

Ola vs Uber – The Taxi Startups Of India.

Ola vs Uber:Taxi Startups of India In one of our previous post we had written about the performance of the two biggest e-commerce websites in India. Today I’m going to write about two of India’s biggest transportation start-ups: Ola and Uber. Both the start ups have been performing extremely well and both of them have ¬†earned themselves lot of returning users. Let us do a comprehensive comparison between the two Taxi giants before we see what the users of Mynit had to say about this. OLA- Started in 2010 they basically brought about a complete change in the way...

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The most popular ways to earn money at home.

The Most Popular ways to earn money at home. “Make easy money online from home” ads pop up more frequently than not when on the internet. For one thing, these ads only exist because there actually are ways to make a nickel or two on the internet. But what they don’t mention is the amount of work that goes into making it actually work. There are a lot of ways to make money online but the problems lies not in the oppurtunities but in the workmanship involved. Fortunately though there quite a few jobs that you can actually really...

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Flipkart vs Amazon: Amazon edges over Flipkart in sales.

E-commerce in India.  It all started in 2007 when the Bansal brothers famously kick started the E-commerce industry in India. Since then things have hardly been the same for the Indian household. Flipkart is largely credited for this acceleration of E-commerce in India. It was just just the start of it. Later came a variety of other websites those buy and sell goods online. While most of them gained popularity very quick, Flipkart had the advantage of a head start and thus remained undefeated until years after its success. After observing the huge potential in India, Amazon, an already...

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