Month: April 2015

Coolmuster Software Review – Recover Lost Data of an iOS Device

Loss of  phone memory can be a huge pain in the neck some times. This problem further amplifies, if you are an iPhone/iPad/iPod or any other Apple user. Time and again, there have been problems relating to lost memory with iOS users. You’ll know this if you are an iOS user. So, is there any I can do to get back my lost pictures, songs or any other file? Well, ofcourse. Coolmuster has come up with a solution to this problem by creating a  software that allows users to recover data by connecting to  PC. It’s really simple to install this app to...

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10 unspoken public rules that must be followed for better everyday life!

Unspoken rules are those set of rules that are never documented or never been imposed, but are extremely important when it comes to dealing with everyday activities. Not following these rules will often tend to awkwardness in social and gatherings. Consciously or unconsciously many people(including you and me) may be constantly annoying the rest of the crowd by committing to the following list of acts that lead to disgust-fullness among people. 1) Using mobile phone during a conversation. Most of the people do this and it pisses of others who are trying to tell you something. 2)Not maintaining personal space....

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