Month: February 2014

Past, Present and Future of Web Design [Infographic]

Gone are the days of blue links and plain white pages. Over the years, Web design has evolved in many ways that even WWW (World Wide Web) couldn’t have imagined it. From the plain blue links and white pages to flash based designs and current responsive design to the emerging web applications, there are a lot of changes in design trends. Below is an infographic which gives us info about all those changes and trends in the field of web design. This infographic gives us a lot more information than just the design trends. And also you can check...

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The Evolution of Data Storage [Infographic]

Evolution of Data Storage From Punch cards to latest emerging Holographic technology, data storage has evolved so much since its inception. Many even thought that the cloud storage will be the ultimate solution for data storage, but now holograms came into existence, we can’t actually predict how far this might go.  Also see: Google Plus Tips to Increase User Engagement Awesome Super Bowl Facts   Below is an infographic that shows the growth of data storage from the last 50 years or even less.  Anyway let us know what do you think of this infographic in the comments below....

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Watch Die hard, Star Wars and other Classics in Just a Minute. Don’t miss the 3rd one..!

We always want to watch Classic Hollywood movies like Die hard, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Terminator 2, etc.., again and again  whenever we are having a holiday or some free time. But in today’s fast paced modern world, it became really hard to find time for things that matter most to us, like watching those classic movies. But thankfully 1A4 Studio (a YouTube channel) did some hard work and packed each of those classic action packed movies in just a 60 second video. Yeah you heard it right. If you really don’t have time to watch your favorite...

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5 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Lifetime Licence Keys worth $70 : [Giveaway Ended]

In one of our previous posts, we have reviewed Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. The people from Wondershare like this review and they are now sponsoring a giveaway on our blog. This time they are going to offer 5 lifetime licence keys for free. Each licence key worth almost $70. If you missed the review, then click here Wondershare video converter ultimate So participate in the giveaway now. Complete all the steps to increase your chances of winning. More entries you get more will be the chances of winning. The 1st 5 members who gets more entries will be awarded...

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Guialis: Best Web Directory for Businesses in India

A few days back i got an email to review a website named Guialis. It is a web directory for businesses in India.  For some time i can’t decide whether to accept their offer or not. But after visiting their website i have changed my view and decided to review or promote their website on my Blog. Most of us knew  that there are 28 states in India and we can see that there are almost every category of business listed in Guialis. From restaurants to hotels and pharmaceuticals to homes , we can see that there are a...

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 6.8 Review: The Best Video Converter Available

There are many free and commercial video converters available on internet. But only a few of them works well. In the past i have tried a lot of video converters, both free and proprietary(to be simple it means “not free”), but none of them impressed me like Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. At first when i got an email from one of the Wondershare Staff to review their video converter software (they kindly offered me a lifetime license too..!), i thought it would be same as the other converters i tried before. But i was damn wrong. Soon after installing...

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All you need to know about Flappy Bird

“Flappy Bird,” a mobile game for Android and iOS, managed to flap its way to the dream in January, seizing top spots on the Apple and Google Play app stores. Its creator, Dong Nguyen, told The Verge that the free game earned him an average of $50…

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5 Killer Tips to Increase User Engagement on Google+ [Infographic]

Increase user engagement on Google+ If you are a daily internet user and vivid social networking guy like me, then you might have noticed by now that, Google+ has gained a huge popularity than expected. According to Business Insider, Google+ has been growing amazingly fast and now it has almost 340 million active user base worldwide. Who knows may be Google+ may surpass even Facebook and Twitter by the end of 2014..!. No wonder if that actually happens. To be frank, Google+ offers far more features than Facebook…! Due to the above reasons, a lot of companies shifted their...

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