20 Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

This is not an article detailing the best of WordPress plugins you can buy. Here are twenty plugins that you should not really be paying money for. They are all solid and most expensive WordPress plugins with well-defined uses, and if they were free then they would be the bargain of the year. This article however explains why you need not spend so much money on them and should go elsewhere. Please notice that there is no particular order for the 20 most expensive WordPress plugins mentioned below.

20 Most Expensive WordPress Plugins

1. Sucuri

Sucuri Expensive Security WordPress Plugin

Security is an expensive wordpress plugin, and if you’re like most people then you probably pay a lot of money for your PC protection, but paying $89.99 to protect your wordpress website is overkill.

2. WP e-Commerce



If i want to pick out a plugin that is possibly justified, then this may be it because it does have free functions, but if you start buying extensions then expect to pay a lot of money.

3. WordPress Newsletters Plugin


Having a newsletter is going to bring people back to your website if you do not abuse it, but there are far easier ways to manage your subscribers than by paying $49.99.

4. ManageWP


This allows you to manage multiple WordPress websites, and you should not buy it because there are cheaper ways, plus it doesn’t take that much away from simply doing it manually $43.20.

5. BackupBuddy

Expensive wordpress plugins backup buddy

Do not underestimate the value of backing up your data when it comes to your website, but there are cheaper ways than this plugin which asks $45 for its automated service.

6. Events Calendar Pro


If you have $32 to throw around then you can manage your events with this calendar. Even with Google maps installed there are still just as good ones for free on the Internet.

7) WP Compare

It is a price comparison plugin for wordpress based on affiliate product data. Using this plugin you can create a fully featured price comparison website for 24700 Euro that too if you’re insane.

8. Lowrider Triple Slider

It allows you to add sliders and it’s easy to use, but they want $22 for it. It may not be a lot of money compared to others on this article, but it is technically just a piece of code a programmer could write himself.

9. Gravity Forms

Form management online may help to automate things such as notifications and emails. The trouble is that you have to buy a package that costs as little as $39 and as much as $199. Though Gravity Forums is one of the most expensive wordpress plugins, it is very popular among wordpress bloggers.


ORBTR WordPress Plugin

An automated market place sounds like a great idea and could potentially mean putting off hiring more staff as well as improving your website. The only trouble is you have to pay $99 per month for the privilege.

11. DD Slider WP

This is a slider management panel that has 11 transitions for $22. It does not depend upon posts and pages, but you could pick another slider for less money. You are only really paying for the 11 transitions option.

12. Scribe


For $97 per month they will help to market your website. It is a plugin that one has to wonder about. Are you making enough money from your blog to afford this amount per month? If that is the case then you are probably getting enough traffic already.

13. Post Validator

If you run a lot of websites then one could possibly say that this plugin is worth is, but if you are a blog master then it may not be worth $17 because it simply ensures some features are present in a post before submitting for posting.

14. Twitter Widget Pro

You can support multiple Twitter account and multiple avatars with this plugin. Frankly you would be mad to pay $14 for this when there is such a wide range of choice in this area when it comes to Twitter.

15. Booking Calendar

A good booking system is a big deal and you should invest in a good one, but this company wants between $199 and $999, even though they have a free version.

16. Buddy Mobile

For $45 you can make your website iPhone ready. This may seem like a good deal, but there are a lot of ways to make your website iPhone ready, and simply forking out money to make the problem go away is not very budget friendly.

17. Link Trackr

Link Trackr WordPress Plugin

This is a link tracking marketing plugin that costs $19 per month. This is an absolute rip off when there are web based tools that are far better and far cheaper.

18. VaultPress


This is a plugin that keeps a backup of your website in case something happens you can use the backup. It costs $15/month ($180 per year). There is more than one backup program on this article, and just like the other, you will note that paying for this sort of thing is silly; especially if they want you to pay as much as $15 per month

19. The Auditor

Want to know what is going on within your website with a little more detail than Google Analytics can give you, and want to know a little about its security too, then pay $249 for this tool (if you are out of your mind). This is the most expensive wordpress plugin in our list(considering the one time payment).

20. WP Review Engine

This plugin exists only to help people build review websites. It takes a lot of the work out of doing it, but saving on that work will cost you $99.95, so consider just how much you hate work before buying it.



These are the 20 most expensive WordPress plugins that i could find so far. if you know about any other plugin that’s to be considered as expensive, then let me know and i will update it soon. That’s all about the most expensive wordpress plugins for now. Thank you 🙂


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