Things Should Know About DNA


Did you know that almost 99.9% is the same as other humans ? I think you probably don’t know that unless you’re a science freak. Let me mention a few more facts about the DNA and after that we will continue with the infographic below. If you wish you can check out the infographic now itself.

Now with a little bit of trivia again….Humans and Chimps share almost 94 to 99% of the DNA and also  the sides of the DNA  ladder are made of Sugars and Phosphate atoms.

Instead of me stating all the facts i think it’s better to check out the infographic already. The infographic presented below gives us 17 things to know about DNA that we probably don’t know before. Thanks to for creating such an awesome infographic about DNA.

17 Things to know about DNA


17 Things You Should Know About DNA


Now that you knew a lot about D.N.A, i think we can consider ourselves Science Freaks (Just kidding). Anyway now is the time for you to impress your Friends and Family. Thank you and see you soon 🙂