things we dont know about sleep

A few days back, we have published a post regarding Sleep which tells us why we should sleep more. As we all know already, Sleep plays a major role in our life, both in terms of time and energy. Our body requires us to sleep so that it can refresh itself. Sleep regularly so that we can stay refreshing and energizing. Sleep is absolutely essential for every human being, not just humans but also for every living creature on Earth. Now lets share a few fun facts regarding sleep.

  • Koalas acquire the 1st place among longest sleeping mammals with 22 hours of sleep per day, while giraffe occupies the last place in same category and first place among shortest sleeping mammals with just 1.9 hours per day. I still can’t accept this fact. Poor Giraffes.
  • During sleep, only one half of Dolphin’s brain stays asleep while the other half stays awake to help with the breathing process.

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Interesting Facts About Sleep

You can find facts like these (16 fun facts) in the infographic shared below. This infographic includes information like What happens when we sleep, different sleeping positions, Amounts of sleep depending on age etc..; and a lot more. Just spend a little of your time on this infographic and i can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. ¬†This infographic is shared via : ¬†16 things you didn’t know about sleep |

Things to know about sleep