insane sci-fi inventions

Back in my childhood days, i really loved the movie “Back To The Future 2” for one reason. It’s because of the Flying Hoverboard and awesome car chase scenes with it. However i realized the truth about these flying hoverboards as i grew up and just accepted it. But I’ve got my hopes up now, because i just found that the flying hoverboards exists for real and not just in Sci-Fi movies. I will wait for some time and after i get one myself, i will ride like hell on it.

Keeping my story apart, did you know that there are a lot of Science Fiction gadgets that exists for real not just in movies ? Yeah they really do exist for real. Actually there are 11 of those insane science fiction inventions that exists for real.  A few of them includes, Tricoder, Exoskeleton, Dog, Translator, Universal Translator etc..; and a lot more.

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Wanna know more about them ? then you should really allot some time to the infographic shared below.  This infographic depicts, 11 insane sci-fi inventions we never existed, in an awesome way.  This infographic is owned by :

insane si-fi inventions