10 Worst Computer Consoles Of All Time

Over the years a lot of computer consoles were developed. But only a few were successful and many of them were considered as worst.  Let’s keep the successful ones aside for now and concentrate on the worst computer consoles of all time. So in this post we present you the “10 Worst Computer Consoles Of All Time.”

1)  Virtual Boy (1995)

virtual boy

Uncomfortable to use and caused eye strain and neck pains. Not being true 3D and with the games in bright red, Virtual Boy was discontinued after a year later.

2)  Game.com (1997)

Though its the 1st touchscreen handheld game console, it suffered from poor graphics and its internet connectivity required a modem & only gave text based browsing experience.

3) Gizmondo (2005)

Released with a huge marketing campaign. Reasons behind failure are Poor Graphics and library. Year after the release, Gizmondo was discontinued and Tiger Telematics soon went bankrupt.

4) Atari Jaguar (1993)

This was the last console Atari made. It was advertised as the first 32 bit system. The main reasons behind the failure are lack of games and hard to use 15 button controller.

5)  Sega 32X (1994)

This was a add-on made to prolong the life of genesis. Later after the release of Saturn, designers stopped making games for it.

6)  3DO Interactive Multiplayer (1993)

The 3DO had only one controller input and was expensive ($700). Gamers didn’t like the full motion video games of it. So it was discontinued in 1996.

7) Phillips CD-i (1991)

The Cd-i was big in size. It was an interactive player with educational and self – improvement titles. The main reasons for failure are Poor Graphics and Poor Games.  SO it was discontinued in 1996.

8) ActionMax (1987)

ActionMax had a light gun, the only controller and also owner should own a VHS player to make it work. Main reason for failure is limited game releases. Only 5 games were released ever.

9) LaserActive (1993)

LaserActive was primarily a laserdisc player. Laserdiscs soon became obsolete and LaserActive was discontinued in 1994. Reasons for failure are expensive price ($980) and need to buy add-ons to play catridges.

10) Apple Pippin (1996)


Apple Pippin was a game console, web browser and media player, the Pippin was under-powered with a slow modem. The main reasons behind its failure are expensive price ($600) along with limited games and software library.

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Image Credits : Wikipedia.org