Unspoken rules are those set of rules that are never documented or never been imposed, but are extremely important when it comes to dealing with everyday activities. Not following these rules will often tend to awkwardness in social and gatherings. Consciously or unconsciously many people(including you and me) may be constantly annoying the rest of the crowd by committing to the following list of acts that lead to disgust-fullness among people.

1) Using mobile phone during a conversation.

Smartphone over usage.

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Most of the people do this and it pisses of others who are trying to tell you something.

2)Not maintaining personal space.

personal space

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Some people never realize the importance of personal space. It’s annoying when someone comes so close to your body that you can smell them.

3)Riding noisy bikes.

noisy biker


It creates a ruckus and an extremely irritating sound.

4)Chewing with your mouth open.



5)Speaking aloud in public.

speaking loudly in public


Telling your stories to each and everyone around you is not a good thing to do. Mind your voice!

6) Snoring

annoying snorers

Even though this is involuntary for many people out there, there are measures one can take to stop the Snores

It disturbs the other person’s sleep.

7) Peeing in public.

peeing in public


People who do this should be jailed.

8) Sending friend requests to people just because they look good.

facebook stalkers


It’s creepy. Facebook is a platform connect to your friends, it’s not a dating website.

9) mY LyF mAh rUles!!!!

grumpy cat


Dear people who write like this and think it’s cool,

You don’t deserve to live on this planet anymore.

10) Spitting while speaking.

spitting while talking


It’s single most disgusting thing that you can do in a conversation.

If you are still doing any of this crap, please stop doing it right away. These social behaviors will not help you much and you will be disregarded as a person.