Another year,another chance! As years pass by you grow up both physically and mentally, but what defines you is what you have learnt in the years you have lived so far. You are what you are and you know what you have learnt. You can never know what may happen to you soon after you finish reading this sentence and that’s the best part of life.!

It baffles me that 95% of what people learn up to the age of 20 is useless to their future. Nature has its way of selecting the fit ones and discarding off the weak or ‘unprepared‘ ones. And obviously human tendency kicks in and you would prefer being in the latter than in the former.

Here are few things you should know by the age of 20, so that you fit into nature’s definition of ‘FIT‘.

1) Making Friends and Influencing people.

This book is worth a read.

It’s worth a read.

A few years from now, you will be into a professional stream and diplomacy will become quintessential to have a successful career ahead “Mix with shit and you’ll end up with shit” choose your friends wisely. Apart from that it also helps you in relating to the other sex without objectifying them. Friends will form a very important part of your life and take it from me-“You will need them!”.

2) Learn to cook at least 5 meals all by yourself.


Yes,that’s it. Only 5. Not the difficult and complex ones, just the ones that can be prepared using basic ingredients, the ones that can help you survive when left stranded. Ofcourse, Maggi is excluded!

3) Having at least one hobby for life.

This may help you in deciding.

Hobbies for life.

Be it sports, art, photography, music or programming. Have a fair amount of knowledge in at least one of the fields you find interesting and with the help of which you can nearly earn a living. They will come in handy. Basic skill-sets of life help you in every other fields as well. When needed, you can turn your hobby into a part-time or full-time business.

4) Smiling.



When you are crowded with all your busy schedules and other important aspects of your life, you forget to stop and enjoy the moment as it passes by you. You miss.You regret it.

It costs nothing to do it. It spreads happiness and makes your day even better than usual and your life more cheerful than the ones missing out on it. Give me a big SMILE now. Not that big. 🙂

5) Travelling.

The feel.

Lone ranger

Travelling is the easiest way to escape from the clasps of hectic schedule and busy life.Travel alone,t ravel with friends, travel with your soul-mate. It’ll help surfacing the philosophical other half of you and help you explore, understand and make use of  nature’s way of things. You will also meet a variety of interesting people on your way and it will be one hell of an experience! And one thing, always make sure you travel light!

6) Getting over past relationships.

Thats right!

Do it already!

Yes, it’s sad he/she left you. Eat it. Don’t moan about him/her for months to come. You are wasting a lot of precious time by doing this. Most of us will end with people we meet in our 20’s regardless of how bad your teenage life was. Buckle up and get over it. There’s not so much time on your hands to waste recklessly.

7) Learning to dress properly and aptly.

Dressing sense.


Whatever you may say, in a professional life looks do matter. Dressing sense reflects directly upon your social background and status. Dress well,live respected! If you look good, you feel good; if you feel good, you’ll do good. That’s how simple it is. 🙂

8) Have a start-up.

You reap what you sow.

Get working.

Your teens are the best age for you to have a start-up. Go-ahead, do what you are good at.A startup will teach you a lot of things in business and commerce. It’ll give you a headstart over other students who are still sticking to the textbooks.

Think of what is missing in the world, and put it there. That is quintessential for a good start-up. Let the ideas flow, explore your creative side. This will also help you in your job placements.

9) Saving Money.


A penny a day,will keep problems away.

Today’s investments are tomorrow’s profit. Save. You will reap its benefits later on. You never know when you’ll need money and at the time of emergency, it is sure to come in handy.

10) Respect Your Parents.

Love your parents

Heck,you owe them one.Big one.Very big one. They made you and they supported you in all your bad times, they only deserve it. They are your biggest gift. You are their hope and you are their dream. Serve them as much as you can, because one day you’ll miss them and you’ll miss them tons. 🙁