Steps to stay safe on Social Networks

In our previous posts, we have shared with you 5 steps to stay safe on social media. I really hope that you found these steps useful and informative. Surprisingly today when i was surfing online, i found a similar article but this time it’s an infographic called as “10 Simple Steps To Stay Safe On Social Networks.”  There are 5 more tips than we have discussed before. So immediately i thought of sharing this awesome and informative infographic with lovely readers of FactsnFakes. 

Steps to Stay Safe on Social Networks

10 Steps To Stay Safe On Social NetworksVia: YourInfographic

Since we have already published a similar article before, there is not much to say this time. But you can say a lot, really a lot. I want you to express your views about this infographic in the comment section below and also don’t forget to share already. Thank you 🙂