10 Signs Your Computer is Infected by Virus

Computer Viruses can be simply defined as “The programs that harms the normal functionality of any device.” Simple isn’t it ? Personally I knew about only 4 types of programs that harms a Computer. They are Trojans, Worms, and Malware and the Virus. There may be many others of these type with different names, but i can assure you that these 3 programs can do as much as damage as they can to destroy your Computer.

By using certain types of programs or applications, we can kill these programs and completely wipe them of our Computers. But due to our negligence sometimes, we end up getting our computers affected by Viruses. Once affected, these Viruses finishes their work silently.

So in this post, we have listed about 10 signs or indications, that confirms, that your Computer is infected by Virus. 

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1) Computer becomes Slow like a Sloth.

Your Computer might have all the latest specifications installed and you might think that it’s the fastest Computer. But once affected by a Virus, your Computer perform actions slowly. Your Internet speed might be high, but you may feel uneasy with the speed, while browsing the Internet.

2) No response for your Actions.

You click on a desktop icon to launch a program, but the program won’t launch. You will try to run a game, but you can’t. You might experience these things, if your Computer has a Virus.

3) Computer Freezes and Crashes regularly.

You Computer suddenly freezes and stays like that for minutes, worst case scenario hours. Your Computer crashes and closes all the programs running at present. These things might happen too.

4) Computer Restarts and Shuts down unintentionally.

Your Computer restarts and shuts down itself, in a periodic intervals. Say like for every 5 minutes, your Computer restarts and for every next 10 minutes, it shuts down itself. This problem is by far the worst and irritating. This can result in the lose of all your important work.

5) Lot of Pop-up advertisements appear, when Browsing Internet.

You should always follow these five simple internet security tips. While browsing Internet, you might see a lot of pop ups on your screen, appear out of nowhere. This might be due to malware, or other 3rd party programs you have installed on your computer. These signs are also as dangerous as the previous ones. You can’t risk your privacy for a few silly and harmful programs. Will you ? May be not. So uninstall them soon.

6) Cannot Download or Install, uninstall anything and can’t print anything.

You can’t download anything from the internet. You can’t install any software (most cases Antivirus software) and you can’t uninstall anything. You can’t even print anything. If this happens to your Computer. Then the Virus has almost completed its task.

7) Cannot access Hard Drive.

If you can’t access Hard drive or any other drive on your Computer, that means the Virus completed all of its work and probably resting. Now the only option remaining for you is, to format and re-install an operating system again.

8) Your Antivirus Program or Firewall is suddenly disabled.

This is known to happen to many Computers worldwide, whenever affected by Virus. You need to manually enable the Antivirus. In worst case scenarios, you need to re- install it.

9) You can’t find the desktop icons and files mission from folders.

Sometimes you might see that every icon on your desktop either vanishes all of a sudden or the icon may change. And also you might lose all the files from folders.

10) You can’t login to your account.

If this happens to you, then there is only option remaining that is same as that of the 7th sign we have mentioned above. You need to format and re-install an O.S again.

Conclusion :

There is a famous saying that Prevention is better than Cure. This applies same in case of Computer Viruses too. Most of these harmful programs source is Internet. So my advice is to avoid downloading any 3rd party software from suspicious sites on Internet. Its better if you are cautious about your browsing habits on Internet. One best advice i can give is to try Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, Fedora etc..; and avoid Windows. That can be the permanent solution for all your security problems on your Computer.

Well, if you think we have forgotten to add any important sign about computer infected by Virus, them please let us know. We will check on ti and update this article asap. Thank you 🙂

That’s all friends. Hope this article helped you atleast a little, in one way or another. Don’t forget to express your views about this post and also share this info with your friends on Social Media.