reasons why android is better than ios

Over the past few years, the world has undergone a revolutionary change. Development of SmartPhone is indeed, a significant revolution that has taken place in the mobile industry. Be it an individual, any budding or a well-established organization, use of SmartPhone has become a quintessential for implementing virtual engagement. There are different SmartPhone operating systems available in the market like iOS, Android, Windows iPhone etc. Among all, Android and iOS are the most preferred SmartPhone operating systems bestowing exemplary functionalities to the SmartPhone users.

There’s a tough competition that prevail between the Android and iOS mobile platforms. Now, let’s have a look at some of the basic differences that proves why android is better than iOS.

Why Android is better than iOS?

There are some people who might be using android devices and conversely, there are others who prefer iOS mobile devices. Undoubtedly, both the mobile platforms are incessantly bringing new upgrades to the fore. For instance, shortly after the release of iOS 7, the new version of the Android platform, Android 4 was released. When compared to iOS, Android 4 is a winner in many aspects.

1. Easy Multitasking

android multitasking

Unlike iOS that wastes the entire screen while performing multitasking, the Android operating system utilizes the entire screen with screenshots of the applications (that are running).


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2. Customization

iOS is easy-to-use, however, it is not an ideal platform to be used by technologically advanced developers or individuals. Android is the operating system that is perfect to be used by advanced developers. This platform separates the home screen from the applications and provides a space that you can customize as per your own requirement.

3. Sharing options

android sharing options

Well, sharing content isn’t a new concept and is a rather a common practice followed by almost each and every person. In iOS, you can only share your content by means of a few basic options like Message, Mail, social accounts (Twitter, Facebook and Flickr). However, in Android, you can easily move your content via any downloaded android app that comes with sharing capabilities.

4. Resizable Widgets

This is a unique feature of Android that is missing in the iOS. Android 4 comes with content-rich and customizable home screens, thereby allows the user to embed live application content via interactive widgets. Widgets are an indispensable part of home screens that helps you check mail, play music, and more without the need to launch apps. As widgets are resizable, therefore you can either expand them to show more content or contract them to hoard space.


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5. Respond to incoming calls

On iOS you aren’t provided with many options to respond to incoming calls. On the other hand, when an incoming call arrives on your android powered device, you can now quickly respond by sending a custom text message or a default text message, without the need to picking up a call.

6. Control over apps

When we speak about apps, the immediate thing that comes to our mind is Google Play. Simply put, you can find a number of exciting and interactive apps in Google Play. However, you may not find good number of apps in the Apple’s App Store. Well, the reason lies in the fact that Apple has too much control over what type of apps are acceptable and what others are not allowed in its App Store.

7.  Third party Keyboards

iOS allows you to use any keyboard you wish for, however, it’s possible only when the keyboard that you have chosen is in Apple’s stock keyboard. While in Android, you get the advantage to replace your keyboard with just any of the third-party keyboards such as Swiftkey – a great keyboard that uses the knowledge that it gathers by learning your typing patterns to foretell what word you’re about to type and offers it to you as a suggestion. If you are thinking to swipe from one letter to the next in your iOS operating system, you’re only going to get disappointed.

8. Listening to Music

Unlike iOS mobile devices where you need iTunes to load the songs you want to listen, Android isn’t concerned where your music comes from.


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9. Easier Notification Management

android notification management

Although, iOS 7 gave a face-lift to the iPhone Notification Center, but Androids is still the winner. For example, in Androids notification drawer, whenever you see some notifications you can easily dismiss them with a single swipe of your finger.

10.  Reasonable Pricing

Although, iOS 7 gave a face-lift to the iPhone Notification Center, but Androids is still the winner. For example, in Androids notification drawer, whenever you see some notifications you can easily dismiss them with a single swipe of your finger.

Conclusion :

Looking at the above mentioned points, it will be sufficed to say that Android is clearly a better choice as an operating system than Apple’s iOS.