funny and crazy Google searchesfunny and crazy Google searches

Google never disappoints us. It gives us exact suggestions and results based on our queries. Because of Google, i stopped buying text books and that saved me  lot of bucks (Actually Wikipedia is more responsible).  One of the awesome feature introduced by Google in its search engine is the “Auto complete suggestions,” which provides us topic ideas on the fly, relevant to our query.

More than a billion Google Searches are done each day and we can’t say for sure that most of them are worthy. Majority of the Google Searches are intended for fun, p**n and other s**t. Only a few, let it be 20% of the total searches are found to be actually useful to the people.

In the Infographic shown below, there is a short but hilarious and crazy list of “funny and crazy Google Searches”  by the people around the world. These Google searches are so funny that i can’t stop laughing after thinking about them. Take this funny Google search for an example, “Is Lady Gaga a man?,” this funny one is getting almost 18.1K Average searches monthly. Seriously people, who cares if Lady Gaga is man or a woman, i don’t care as long as her music is good.

Anyway, there are more hilarious and crazy Google searches like the one we discussed above, in the below infographic. So what are you waiting for, explore the infographic soon. 🙂

funny and crazy google searches


The above infographic contains only a few funny Google searches. Soon, we the Facts`n`Fakes, will publish an article that gives you “50 most funny and crazy Google Search auto complete suggestions” to make you die of laughter.

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