10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made

Video Games are the best solution to take your bore feeling away. They help us enjoy and feel thrilling while we play them. We all play Video Games everyday. But have you ever wondered what takes to create a new Video Game. Creating video games is not as easy as you may think. It involves lot of planning and also lot of maths, physics and coding/programming abilities. Especially, expensive software and hardware is required, to build video games.

It takes hours and sometimes even days to render a single frame of the game. From the past decade, both the quality and quantity of Video Games have been increases exponentially. Especially we should discuss about the quality of the Video Games created now a days. The graphics, story line and the controls, all of them are providing a new experience and enjoyment to the players. 

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But did you ever wonder anytime, how much money it takes to build or create a Video Game ? Actually it depends on the type of the game being created. A normal android or iOS game can be created for a little or no money at all. It all depends on the developers point of view. But when we talk about the Video Games like Call of Duty, GTA, Halo, etc.., then we are talking about millions here.

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Last year, a new video game called “Destiny” is said to be created with a whopping budget of 500 million dollars.!!! I know, I know, the number looks a little high. But believe me, its true. The Game is also a big hit. Though there are a lot of high budget Video Games from the last decade, the Video Game Final Fantasy VII released in the year 1997 had a budget of almost 220 million dollars. I can bet that you don’t know of it, unless you are a quiz master with an IQ of 150+.

So we have created an Infographic (for the first time) to show you the ten most expensive video games ever created. This infographic points out the name, budget and year of the 10 most expensive video games ever made. This is the first ever infographic created by us, so please forgive us, if you didn’t find this visually appealing. For starters i think the infographic given below is quite enough.

Most Expensive Video Games Ever Created

10 Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made