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Reddit, the Front page of Internet, is one of the widely and wildly popular websites on the internet. There are a lot of cool and unknown facts about Reddit that will surprise you. Let’s discuss one of them for now. Did you know that Reddit attracts more than 35 million unique visitors and 3 billion page views every month ? Yeah that’s for real otherwise Reddit won’t be one of the most popular websites on Internet. That is also one of the main reasons behind why webmasters (Guys who maintain and control websites are called as Webmasters) thrive for traffic from Reddit.

I joined Reddit a month ago and now i can say that i’m kinda addicted to it. It’s kinda different when compared to the normal social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc..; We can learn a lot of new things on Reddit. I can assure you that it will worth your time.

Reddit is also called as “The Front Page of Internet” and “The Internet of Things”. It is actually divided into a lot of subreddits. The Subreddit r/funny is the most popular and busiest of them all. It gets an average 6.5 million page views per month. Whoa.! that’s a lot of traffic. If you’re new to Reddit or just left Reddit just because you can’t get a hang of it then i strongly recommend you to stay on it for a few more days, so that you’ll love it and find it useful soon enough. These are some of the reasons what makes Reddit different from other sites.

Below is a really cool infographic that gives us 10 fascinating facts about Reddit. Hey,if you want a friend to follow on Reddit, then you can always try me @ factsfinder. I will also follow back, just comment your handle below. 🙂 (Infographic Source: indazo.com)

10 Fascinating Facts About Reddit


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