Ten essential wordpress plugins for beginners

Did you just install WordPress and you literally don’t know the right plugins to use? Listed below are top 10 essential wordpress plugins that will aid your blogging career. 

But before I make a list of these plugins I will quickly explain what it means. Now, as a beginner you might be confused about the term “plugin” and might not even know the benefits with which it brings to your blog. 

So what are WordPress plugins?

Basically, plugins helps in extending the functionalities and flexibilities of WordPress Blogs and this allow you stretch your creative and intuitive ability to be more productive with your blog. You can with plugins embed your twitter feed, add a forum, add your site stats and host of others. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with Plugins.

Since you now know what plugins means, how do you then get them? Well, they are generally located in WordPress Plugin Directory. All you need do is go to your dashboard, move your cursor to the left side of your admin panel, click ‘Add New’ under plugin section. In the search area, insert the name of your desired plugin and click search. Oh you found it! Click ‘install now’, then click ‘activate plugin’. Is it that simple?  Yes it is.

You must note that depending on the plugin you are activating, you may need to do some configuration, however some don’t need to be configured.

Now back to our today’s topic……….

Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins for Absolute Beginners

Aksimet Plugin – it’s been automatically installed for you only needing your activation. It is a very wonderful comment spam plugin. This plugin automatically recognized a spam comment and immediately eradicate such comments. I strongly recommend this one.

Download Plugin

All in One SEO Pack – is a plugin that helps in the optimization of search engine and is by far the best SEO plugin you will ever come across on WordPress Plugins Directory. Some of the benefits of this plugin is it gives easy way to optimize Titles and Meta tag for your weblog homepage, posts and etc. You should download it.

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WP Super Cache Plugin – you would agree with me that it is very frustrating and annoying when you try visiting a webpage only to wait up to 5min or even more for the homepage to popup. Most web users don’t like that and of course I don’t too. Once that happen I’d rather move on to the next website. With WP Super cache, no cause for alarm cause it prevents you from losing your visitors. What this plugin does is that it helps in speeding up your weblog site.

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Subscribe To Comments Plugin – as the name infers, subscribe to comment allows your blog readers to check a box, which will later notify them as other comment rolls in.

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Google XML Sitemaps Plugin – this plugin helps your blog to get a better index on Google, Bing and Yahoo and host of other search engines. I highly recommend this.

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Commentluv  Plugin – This plugin is by far the best of all and I’d love for you to download it.  Commentluv helps in building relationship with fellow bloggers and also increase the traffic on both your blog and theirs. It is a fantastic way of saying thank you to your readers and it makes them to want to leave more comments. Andy Bailey did a nice job by creating this plugin. Thumbs up bro!

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Broken Link Checker Plugin – The name says it all. Broken link will automatically scan for broken links and will also fix them. Nothing is more annoying than clicking a link and the next thing that pops up is ‘404 error page’. Truth is Search engine also detest it and it won’t help your blog to get ranked on Google or on Alexa. Broken Link Plugin is highly essential for your weblog.

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WP Database Backup – is very essential for your weblog and every successful bloggers use it and so do I. You never know who is trying to hack and destroy all your labor of building that fantastic weblog. Shehu Awwal of Awwaltechnology.com can tell you why you need this plugin. He’s been through it. In order not to lose your blog’s data, install this plugin now!

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WP Smuch.it Plugin – Do you know some images poses major treat on your blog? Those images might cause your blog not to load fast. You can bet you will lose tons of visitors. But with WP Smuch.it you can strike off those fears. One thing I love about this plugin is the fact that it runs in the background and will automatically reduce the image as you upload them. Great right?

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Related Post Plugin – Did you know that there are tons of related post plugins? Now you know. But the one I’d love to recommend to you is YARPP. It’s the best and Brian Bourn recommended it in his blog Bourn Creative here. This plugins help for conversion rate. Try it!

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Of course there are lot and lot of plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory but these ones will quickly and effortlessly expand the functionality of your weblog and put you in the right direction. Happy blogging friends!

Now over to you……

What WordPress plugins do you use? Do you’ve any suggestions? Perhaps you feel there are other great plugins I should have included; Please do drop them by using the comment box below and write why you like them and feel they should be included.

I hope to hear from you. And don’t forget to share this post, if you think your friends and followers would enjoy it.

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