Nowadays entrepreneurs are everywhere. Most of the students these days are considering entrepreneurship than a boring day job. With their knowledge and innovative ideas, they want to help and bring some change in the society. My professor once told me that, to be a successful entrepreneur, one should follow the path of another successful entrepreneur. Well, i don’t agree to that. Who would do that actually. I surely won’t. But i can say one thing for sure and that is “Experience and Life lessons of successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Steve Jobs etc.., are precious.”

Now tell me, are you an Entrepreneur or an aspiring entrepreneur ? Do you wanna survive in the space of ever growing startup world and make yourself a name ?  Whatever your answer might be, you should read the 10 books presented in the below infographic, at least once in your life.

10 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read Once

 Source : TravelOutThere

Update: One of our readers (Ryan Biddulph) suggested another book called as “Think and grow rich.”  Add this to your list too. Thank you Ryan 🙂

Do you know any other books worthier than the ones mentioned above. Share your views in the comments below. And also don’t forget to share this infographic with your friends and buddies and other entrepreneurs…!

Thank you 🙂