10 Best Websites To Download Free eBooks

Internet is full of useful and free resources. We can get any kind of information for free with the help of internet. We can watch free videos on YouTube, read about a lot of things for free on different websites, for example our favorite Wikipedia (If it isn’t for Wikipedia, i wouldn’t be a Graduate now. thanks a lot Wikipedia). Learn free online courses. Apart from all of this we can also read a lot of eBooks for free. Now you can download videos online, learn courses online, download wiki material online, all these things for free. Everyone knows all of this.  But can you tell me a few good places where can you download quality, popular, and good eBooks absolutely free of charge ? That’s the reason why we have complied 10 best websites to download free eBooks. Check them below.

10 Best Free eBook Download Websites


1) FreeBookSpot


With more than 5000 eBooks in 96 different categories which sums up to a huge 75 GB, Free eBook Spot is my best choice of the website to download free eBooks. The best part is that you don’t even need to register to download eBooks.


2) BookBoon


This one’s my favorite but we must provide our details like email, name, university to download eBooks. That’s the only reason why i gave 2nd position to Bookboon. it’s got more than 2ooo+ free eBooks and the count is increasing every day.


3) GetFreeEBooks


Another awesome site to download free eBooks. Consists a lot of eBooks to download.  Mostly it links to the actual website that offers eBook download, instead of offering the download itself. Who knows may be some kind of legal stuff.


4) ManyBooks

Manybooks download free ebooks


ManyBooks contains more than 29000 eBooks. With the availability of wide variety of eBooks, we have the option to download eBooks of different authors, Genres, and languages too…!


5) Free-eBooks


Not exactly my type, because we need to register to download eBooks. But the website design, ease of accessing are very much better than most of the sites listed here. That’s the reason why i gave it 5th spot. Anyway, we can download eBooks of different genres like Fiction, Non-Fiction, Health, Drama, Business etc..;


6) Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg Download Free Ebooks


Consists of more than 45000 eBooks. Project Gutenberg is a volunteer effort to create and share eBooks online for free. No Sign up is required and the eBooks are available in Html, ePub, Kindle and other simple text formats.

7) Google eBookStore



The free section in Google eBook Store consists of a wide variety collection of eBooks. You can get some of the most popular eBooks here. eBooks are available in many formats. Better check reviews before trying one.


8) FreeTechBooks


If you more into tech and other related stuff, then this is the perfect site for you. A lot of categories to download eBooks ranging from computers, mobiles, engineering, Mathematical books, Programming books etc..; and a lot more available.


9) FreeComputerBooks


As the name suggests, it is completely related to Computers. Almost all eBooks are from this field. But a lot of popular eBooks are available on this portal. Will recommend this and the 10th one, if you wanna be a tops class programmer.

10) OnlineProgrammingBooks


A perfect place for wannabe programmers and professional coders. Consists an eBook on almost any type of programming or coding topic. Bookmark this site, if you want o learn programming.


That’s all for now. These are the best websites to download eBooks i could find, compile and present it to you. If you know of another best eBook downloading please mention in the comments below and we will update it asap. Thank you and Have a Good Day 🙂